Devo Flyers Season Ending Trip to Angel Fire

Flyers hang in Angel Fire this August
Flyers hang in Angel Fire this August

August 12th-14th the Devo Flyers swooped down upon the ski resort of Angel Fire New Mexico to test their skills on some of the most fun and challenging terrain in the area. The trip started off with an amazing spaghetti dinner put together by the amazing Devo parents in our awesome rental home, which by the way had a fosse ball table. After dinner we hit the dirt Jump/skills Park for some warm up airtime. We had so much fun hitting jumps after sitting in the car for 4 hours that we rode well into night, and found our way home via the urban assault stair to stair to baby pump track to stair trail.
Saturday morning started off with basketball pancakes made to order by Coach Ron, which really helped these flyers start the day off right. Chair lift turns, bikes loaded, yep, we had first chair!!!! You could tell these Durango free riders were hungry. We shredded all morning on almost every trail they had there, and only encountered 2 flats. By early afternoon, the chair got shut down for lightning so off to the dirt jumps we went. You just couldn’t slow these riders down. We even invented some new lines in the jump park! After about 3 hours of jumping, we got the scoop on how shuttle to the top, and our amazing Devo parents drove us up so we could get one more DH run in for the day. This run took us down all our favorite jump lines multiple times. Candy Land step-up was hiked about 50 times until exhaustion set in and it was time to head home for monster burritos made by our wonderful Devo parents.
Bike tuning, fosse ball tournaments, and foot down games lead the night. O’ did I mention we drank lots of sugar water…
Sunday was filled with everyone racing to the lift for fear of a short day due to lightning. But that wasn’t the case, we shredded the mountain until everyone was too tired to continue, and rental bikes had to be back. Time for a 4-hour drive home and thoughts of one of the greatest bike trips ever. I wanted to sleep on the way home but Keenan made me drive and listen to John McCain POW stories.
To understand the progression of these Devo Flyers, our first practice consisted of jumps with airtime of a couple of feet. By the Angel fire trip, these kids were hitting road gaps, 45-foot monster jumps and some of the most technical rocky terrain around. Nice job Flyers, we look forward to next season. And thank you parents for making this first season of Flyers possible.

Wish Alicia Rose and Howard and Ryder Good Luck at Worlds

Wednesday here at Devo means Alicia Rose Pastore is racing the junior womens World Championship cross country race in Switzerland. It will prove to be the greatest of challenged to date as the home country is known for their amazing junior talent. We will wish her the best of times and are sure she will end up smiling roses. Then on Thursday, its Howard Grotts’s turn to light up the worlds best juniors as he takes his game to the junior mens World Championship cross country event. Howard is a tagged man in his first year taking on the top juniors. His World Cup win put him on the globe, and now he’s across the sea to see what he can see. Best wishes to Howard as he puts his hard work and good times to the test. Then there is Ryder Okomura who will taking his second trip to worlds in the World Championship Trials event. Ryder coaches the Junior Devo summer camps at DMR and Jr Devo in the spring and fall. Kids are hopping all over the place because of him. Best of luck from all of us!

Alicia Rose Pastore defending her National Title in Sun Valley
Alicia Rose Pastore defending her National Title in Sun Valley
Howard Grotts storming to victory in Crested Butte
Howard Grotts storming to victory in Crested Butte
Ryder Okumur qualifying for worlds this spring
Ryder Okumur qualifying for worlds this spring

DUC/Devo Short Track Season Ender Has Been Cancelled

Boo. We have decided to cancel wednesday nights Durango Urgent Care/Devo Super Secret Short Track Finale in order to coordinate training schedules with the FLC team. In several weeks the Skyhawks will begin weekly short tracks at the Factory Trails. Stay tuned!

Durango Wheel Club Championships This Week

The DWC Champs is a 4 event Omnium open to all members of the Durango Wheel Club! Champs Jerseys to the category winners!
The DWC Champs is a fun, local event that we hold each year. We have a category for all levels of cyclists! This is a great way to finish off the season!
TO REGISTER: Send an email to Spencer with your name, age, desired category, and races you plan to do. Before the start of your first race you can pay $10 and we will give you a number to wear for all the events.

DWC Champs Schedule:
Sept 6: Tuesday MTB Time Trial – First rider off at 5 pm
Sept 8: Thursday Road Time Trial – First rider off at 5 pm
Sept 10: Saturday Road Race – 9 am start
Sept 11: Sunday Criterium Finale – 9 am start

A*,B*,C*, M40+**, W40+, M60+, W60+
In order to win a DWC Champs jersey you must complete 3 events and your category must contain a minimum of 5 participants competing in at least 3 events. Categories will be combined if participation is low. Final categories will be set before the start of the Road Race.
*Men and Women (if we have enough per category)
**The M40+ is an A level category!
Ride in the group/level that you normally ride in. If you won your category last year you must move up in category.
A, B, C are open to men and women. A women’s overall champion will be crowned regardless of how many participants we have.
DWC Champions Jerseys will be awarded to the winner of each category!
Courses: All the courses will be the same as last year! Info on each course will be on the site ASAP.
Sandbaggers: After the second TT we will be able to tell if anyone is riding in a category that they do not belong. If it is obvious that you should be riding in the B category, but you signed up for the C, you will be moved up!
Cost: Only $10 for Current 2010 DWC Members includes all 4 events! Not a member? No problem! You can join the DWC for the remainder of the 2010 season for just $20 if you register for the DWC Champs. (click here to send Spencer an email and he will take care of this for you.)
Numbers: Pin your number to the right side of your jersey so that it can be easily read when you are riding. This will be your only number for all four events; do not lose this number!
Volunteers: We will need help at all four events! If you are not racing and would like to help out please send Spencer an email!
Scoring: We will be using an omnium points system to determine the overall winners in each category. Omnium points will be determined by finish order for all events using a 30 point sliding scale for the road race and 25 point scales for all other events. 3 out of 4 events will be counted. A 4 point bonus will be awarded to every participant who completes all 4 events!
IMPORTANT: Our top priority is having a safe event. Please keep this in mind at all times. The races will be held on open roads and all traffic rules and regulations will be in effect. All riders must obey all traffic signs and yield to traffic. All riders must ride in a neutral manner through intersections. Anyone taking unnecessary risks will be immediately disqualified! These races are not sanctioned by anyone and are being run by volunteers!

Attention Trail Users, Trails 2000 Trailwork Party This Wednesday

Trailwork this Wednesday, August 31st at Overend Mountain Park. We will work on lopping on the Grabens loop. This is the trail between Hidden Valley and Perins Gulch (Slime Gulch). Please feel free to join us from 4:00pm to 6:30m pm. Wear/Bring: Long sleeve pants, shirt, sun hat, water and a hat.
From downtown Durango: From the intersection of Main Avenue and 9th Street, turn west and go across Hwy 550/Camino del Rio and across the Animas River. At the 3 way stop sign, turn right (north) on Roosa Avenue and follow Roosa to West 3rd. Turn left at the Needham Garen onto Arroyo and head 3 blocks west and park at the Arroya Trailhead. You will see the red Trails 2000 truck.

DWC Crit Tomorrow

DWC Members,

Tomorrow, Sunday August 21, we will have a criterium at the Mercy
Regional Medical Center! The A race is for very fast cyclists, the B
race is for everyone else!

All races are open and FREE to all 2011 DWC members! One day DWC
memberships will be available for $5 at the start.* For safety and
legal reasons you must be a member to participate! *All money received
from one day memberships will be added to the prize pool!

Sunday Crit Schedule:
8:00 volunteers meet and set-up course
8:30 registration opens course open for practice
9:00 B race 45 min + 3 laps, at least 3 primes!*
10:00 A race 55 min + 5 laps, at least 5 primes!* $10 cash for the A
race winner! (kindly donated by Jason and Doug from the 8/14 race!)
11:30 clean-up
*DWC socks, water bottles and t-shirts! PLUS: All money received from
one day memberships!

The Mercy course is a short 6 turn course with a slight rise to each
lap. We have control of the space and the road is closed to all but
us! The road condition is very good.

Hope to see you tomorrow!


Explorers Club Takes Off

The Explorers head for the hills
The Explorers head for the hills

Explorer’s Expedition 816 17er 20ELEVEN:

Tuesday August 16th 8 a.m Buckley Park.
8 to 8:48 a.m. we will assess each Explorer’s bicycle and gear for the tour.

Overall peace of mind for packing
Efficiently LIGHT

Explorer checklist:
Camp Gear

packable late summer sleeping bag and compression sack (It has been in the high 30’s where we will camp)
light sleeping pad
Light backpacking tent if you have.  (we will group together and split up tents according on campers Tuesday a.m.)
Camp cup big enough for a meal, preferably stainless.
2 24 oz water bottles full of water and or a camelbak
Light pants and long sleeve (think less cotton, more light WOOL) for camp
Rain coat (hoods are sweet)
warm socks
warm undies
LIGHT camp shoe (if you have clip ins and don’t want to wear them after riding all day)
head lamp
small pocket knife
light beanie
sun tan lotion
ten squares of TP in a plastic zip lock

Bicycle Gear

As many water bottles your bicycle can take.
Rear pannier rack (if you have not dialed this in yet check with mom and dads garage or visit your local bicycle shop for racks and ask politely to have them mounted before Tuesday. note bicycle lemonade is out)  New racks range from 20 to 119 dollars.
2 Panniers for rear rack- borrow, buy,or hope we can scrounge some up for loan and dial you in Tuesday morning (TRY TO BORROW).   I am….
spare tube, patch kit, pump, multi-tool.
Tune your bicycles up for a tour.  If you have any questions on your ability on how to tune, ask a parent for tips, or take it to a local shop and ask a human.  Explain to them  ” I’m riding my bicycle into the mountains for a 2 days and an over night er, could you please check it over and tell me what is needed to do this safely? Thank you for your knowledge.”
Light bungees for strapping it all up, 2 to 3 needed max

Food Prep

Eat a nutritious filling breakfast Tuesday am before meeting at Buckley.
Bring a lunch and snacks for the day
Russ and I will purchase dinner and breakfast, you can pay us back Tuesday morning. bring cash money

Mental Prep

This is what we have been training for, be mentally ready to ride your bicycles for 2 days, camp, and survive just off the just bicycle.

Return 1:07 pm august 17th 2011 Buckley Park
totally explored

coach jon
and my

Durango Urgent Care/Devo SHort Track #11 Results

August 10th 2011 at the Factory Trails of Fort Lewis College

B Men; 1. Zach Kurka, 2. Matt Phillips, 3. John Trousdale, 4. Sven Brunso, 5. Tino Blackmore, 6. Andrew Cunningham, 7. Derek Blackmore

B Women; 1. Annie Cheeney, 2. Shaila Blackmore

B Holeshot; Shaila and Derek Blackmore

A Men; 1. Erich McAlister, 2. Howard Grotts, 3. Chris Blevins, 4. Chad Cheeney, 5. Joe Burtoni, 6. Greg Parham, 7. Zach Kurka

A Women; 1. Alicia Rose Pastore, 2. Jill Belhen, 3. Kaila Hart

A Holeshot; Chris Blevins and Kaila Hart

Past Results

Congrats to our Devo friends heading to MTB World in Switzerland in September!