U14 Boys Take Flight

George looks for the camera at the Devo U14 boys wednesday practice in Horse Gulch. This is the towns main xc jump, maybe even the oldest, only-est, classic booter Durango town trails have! Devo loves it, thats for sure!

Durango Devo Does Trailwork!

Durango Devo and Trails 2000 teamed up to take on the trails of Wilderness Trails Ranch this past week. Fun was had!

Check out the great article here.

Devo Director Sarah Tescher has been working hard to get Devo Summer Camps some solid singletrack. Wilderness Trails Ranch and Durango Mountain Resort are the two venues that have gotten some love from her and the Devo nation these past 2 years.

Short Track Tonight at FLC’s Factory Trails

Its true, yet another short track race is popping up tonight at FLC’s Factory Trails. FLC Cycling Director is throwing the FREE event in honor of the 16 amazing El Gruppo junior cyclists that are in town for the 4th year to attend the Dave Hagen week of Sweetness Cycling Camp. Every day Hagen schedules out amazing rides with local Hall Of Famers, local pros and then in-between has informative talks about general cycle racing and riding. Kids are lucky. Anyway, come on up tonight and have some fun with the visiting kids. B’s at 6pm and A’s at 7pm.

Howard takes 2nd in the Missoula Pro Mens ProXCT last weekend. Rumor has he couldn't have done it without the wednesday night short tracks!
Howard takes 2nd in the Missoula Pro Mens ProXCT last weekend. Rumor has he couldn't have done it without the wednesday night short tracks!

Trails 2000 Throws Trail Festival

Registration is OPEN for “It’s A Real Butte” Mountain Bike and Trail Run events held on Saturday, August 18, 2012. Teams are encouraged and this is a great way to support your local trails organization! Please go to trails2000.org and click on events to register and learn more. The event takes place on the new Twin Buttes trail and the loop will be 10 miles by race day. Please support this great event!

Devo/Sweet Elite Podiums Day 4

Thanks for cheering Peanut!
Thanks for cheering Peanut!

Check here for full results.

Saturday’s Pro Cross Country Action

Men’s Results here.

and Ladies results here.

Sunday is Super D in the morning and stxc in the afternoon. Follow the live timing results here, Instant results!

Here is the Super D start list. Chad, Colton, Sarah T, Lauren, Sepp, Chris, Stephan, Kaylee, India and Annie will be competing.

The Junior Men’s STXC is at 11:30 and Sepp, Levi and Stephan will be there.

The Pro Womens STXC is at 2:45pm with Sarah and Lauren and the Mens is at 3:30 with Tad, Payson and Colton.

Fridays Racing Action

Good times were had.

Thank Goodness its Friday

Check out the full results here.

Stephan has words with his fans.
Stephan has words with his fans.

Thursday Ends, Friday is Next

Friday will be huge for us. Here is the quick and dirty. Lauren starts off racing U23, followed by U19ers Emily and Kaylee in the Cat 1 17-18, then followed by India in the Cat 1 15-16. Then the U23 men go with Payson, followed by our 4 U19ers Haakon, Stephan, Sepp and Levi. Then its our U14ers in the 13-14 Christopher, Keiren, Perrin and girls Marit and Camryn. Theeeenn its the U10 with Ivan taking his first big race start.

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Keenan takes 5th in the Cat 2 15-18.
Keenan takes 5th in the Cat 2 15-18.

Thursday Race Action

Its true.
Its true.