New Directors of Durango Devo

Starting Dec. 31st, Sarah Tescher will be handing over directorship of Durango Devo to Annie and Chad Cheeney. The new Durango Devo number is 764-5758. After Dec. 31st, you can still reach Sarah at

Results for Team State Champions

 High School Boys’ (based upon lowest score of both events for any team of two):1.  Durango Devo (11 points)2.  Front Rangers (16 points)3.  Ralston HS (22 points)High School Girls’= Durango DevoMiddle School Boys’= Durango DevoMiddle School Girls’= Durango Devo

Weekend's results

Short Track:  Varsity Boys’1. Adam Park2. Bryce Gordon3.  Russel Finsterwald4.  Matt Wiebe5.  Jensen Ricks6.  Ty Porter7.  Kyle Horn8.  Will Curry9.  Grady James10.  Tyler PorterDNF Joe AutryShort Track Varsity Girls’1.  Alicia PastoreShort Track JV Boys’1. Howard Grotts2.  David Kessler3.  Coulter WesmanXC Middle Sch Boys’1.  Gino Pastore2.  Kyle Rhodes3.  Sepp Kuss4.  Stephan Davoust5.  Tristen White6.  Collin Albert7.  Merrick Wesman8.  Elliott Saslow9.  Tucker Leavitt10.  Collin Francom11.  Hank Stowers12.  Levi Kurlander13.  Haakon Siguslide14.  James ShahanXC Mid Sch Girls’1.  Elyse MassoneHill Climb Varsity Boys’1.  Byrce Gorden2.  Adam Park3.  Russell Finsterwald4.  Will Curry5.  Jensen Rick6.  Ty Porter7.  Matt Wiebe8.  Kyle Horn9.  Rhyler OverendDNS Grady JamesDNS Tyler PorterHill Climb JV Boys’1.  Howard Grotts2.  Gino Pastore3.  Coutler WesmanHill Climb Varisty Girls’1.  Alicia Pastore

Pre-ride Course w/ Travis Brown

Come pre-ride the XC course with Travis Brown. Meet at the registration for the Short Track on Sat. at 3 pm. Go get all the beta and then head down to Chapman for the awards, burritos, dual action, and meet the collegiate representatives @ 6:30.

Meet college race team coaches

After the Short Track this Saturday, there will be a “Meet the College Race Team coaches” at 6:30 at Chapman hill. Come grab a burrito and talk to some of college cycling’s representatives.

DWC fundraiser for Devo

'Flying Scotsman' A great movie about setting a world cycling record!
6:45 pm showing July 6th Abbey Theatre
Portion of proceeds to benefit Durango JR DEVO CYLING
Grades 1st -5th
Joe will additionally donate $1.50 per ticket sold ..
Let???s sell out the 145 seats!!!
Get in line EARLY!!
Proudly sponsored by Joe Burtoni
Wells Group
Always 100 effort!

Devo Team Race #2

The next Devo Team race is June 23rd in Crested Butte. We will be staying in a team condo. Please contact Sarah @946-1350 for info on lodging

Devo Trails2000 work day

The reason for the season. John Tomac is why.
The reason for the season. John Tomac is why.

June 20th @ 4 pm is our Devo Trails2000 trail work day for all riders and parents. Let’s make a big impact on our trails by showing up and grabbing a tool to fix one of our local trails. Stay tuned for location!!