2008 DEVO Applications at Durango Cyclery

2008 Team application packets are now available at Durango Cyclery for boys&girls U-14 &19 teams. Soon this kind of packet stuff will be available by clicking something, and printing or just looking and leaving.

2007 Golden Grip Winners

Alisha Rose Pastore & Taylor Borucki alishaweb.jpgtaylorweb.jpg

  • Madeline Meigs @ Blast the Mass, took the junior womens Colorado State Super D Championships by an 8 second margin,  third place was 28 seconds back.
  • Taylor Borucki @ Keystone Climax, rode to first place in the highly contested junior expert downhill category to finish out a impressive consistent season.
  • Howard Grotts @ Blast the Mass, won his first State Championship race in the junior sport field of 18. It was Howard’s first victory and he rode it well.
  • Alisha Rose Pastore @ Telluride Hill Climb, in a field of 15 professional and expert ranked adult women, she ascended to a 4th place finish. 

howardweb.jpgmaddieweb.jpgHoward Grotts @ Madeline Meigs 

    Thursday the 31st, Hermosa Trail Meeting

    As a result of last wednesdays packed house Hermosa Trail/Wilderness idea, a second meeting, tailored to the cycling and user groups of the greater Columbine district, has been arranged. 
    Trails 2000 is organizing a meeting for this Thursday, January 31 from 4:15 to 5:30pm for trail users to learn more about the proposed San Juan Forest Plan. The idea for the meeting arose at the recent presentation of the Forest Plan last week. In response to the request, members organized the meeting and choose the location of the Public Lands Center. Mark Stiles, San Juan Forest Supervisor, Thurman Wilson assistant Center Manager and Mike Van Abel, executive director of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (I.M.B.A.) will be on hand to aid in the discussion The San Juan Public Lands Center is located in the Tech Center at 15 Burnett Court.

    Informative DEVO U-14,19 Meeting is February 11th

    The Rec. Center will be the meeting place for the preseason informational blowout, Feb 11th at 6:30 to 8pm. Thats a Monday night. U-14 & 19 DEVO riders and parents are invited to come learn plans for the 2008 season. Race schedule, practice dates, coach introductions, paperwork and huge candy bars will be discussed. Coaches Chad and Annie Cheeney will be leaving for New Zealand friday the 15th and will be gone until mid march. The last preseason meeting will be March 19th.  

    Durango DEVO Film, Part 4 Finale

    Chase Orrick’s final installment of his sweet DEVO documentary. He will be selling a small number of copies. Details later, watch now.

    Trails 2000 Donates VW Van

    Local trail work powerhouse Trails 2000 dropped a 91ish VW passenger van into the lap of Durango DEVO late 2007. Buried in snow as of now, we at DEVO would like some suggestions of what to do with this sweet beast come spring. Any ideas or comments would be appreciated.

    DEVO Secret Training Camp March 28-30

    Super top secret. March 28-30. Base camp style team training and super special dynamic effects by Russ, Shishim and Jon. Open to DEVO u-14 and u-19 team riders. Each team will have a special agent ride leader to shred with. Team arrival on friday 430pm in the desert base of Choke Cherry Wash. Sunday departure will be 5pm from desert base. More top secret info to come around Feb 1st. Map


    DEVO Welcomes New U-14 Ladies Coach Jess Reed

    jesspic.jpgjessreedweb.jpgHi everyone! My name is Jess Reed and needless to say I am beyond excited to be coaching the U-14 Ladies team. I bit about Jess…I have been riding bikes and working with kids in various capacities for most of my life. I grew up eating cheese in Madison, Wisconsin. Since then I have lived and ridden in many part of the country as well as in Southeast Asia. The riding in Durango is unmatched, between that and the back county skiing you couldn’t pay me to leave! I started road biking with my mum at 6, mountain biking at 15 and downhill biking at 29. At 33 I have just purchased my first single speed frame(yeah!) I’m on a bike just about everyday during the season. My other passion is working with kids. From volunteering at UW Hopsital pediatrics unit to teaching young monks English in Kathmandu, kiddos have always been a big part of my life. I am a Liscensed Clinical Social Worker and have a private psychotherapy practice here in Durango where I work with kids, adolescents and families. Combining cycling with hanging out with kids is a dream. Riding for me is all about fun, so get ready ladies and parents for an exceptional season!

    Snowdown Adds New Cycling Event

    1. Wednesday, January 30th at 6pm at Rec Center, Roller Races
    2. Saturday, February 2nd at 10am at DMR, Bike Snow Slalom
    3. Saturday, Feb 2nd at 11am at Parking Lot near river, Enchanted Trail Bike Race

    Roller racing is a sweet sport. Head to head for 15 minutes, on rollers, unassisted. Record is close to 11 miles. Speed record is 62mph. The Snow Slalom is a classic. Snow conditions are a big factor in this event. Russ Zimmerman has been the man to beat for a decade, on a cruiser. The Enchanted Trail is a new event for 2008. Radio Broadcast will join a sweet course designed by DEVO head coach Chad Cheeney. A time trial event, open to any two wheeled ripper, pits one man on the course at a time to lay the fastest time. Course will be mostly amazing with times landing in the 1 to 2 minute range. Good for all ages!

    Chris Furer is DEVO's Structural Analysis Friend

    If you plan on riding your bike for the rest of your life, a little attention paid to your body, might keep the wheels rolling. Chris has offered to help DEVO out with some super sweet body work. Riders on the team get the pro treatment, so get on the pager and page him pronto. We have a sweet race season ahead of us. Chris Furer Certified Massage Therapist 970-946-2776

    Durango Winter Triathlon Was Very Good

    Ben Sonntag took the victory in the first winter triathlon to be held at the Durango Nordic Center. Brian Smith of Boulder came in second and Spencer Pawlison was third overall while Jennifer Smith also of Boulder, took the tops for the women.  Molly Hummel of Durango placed 2nd with Kate Chapman in 3rd. The conditions were brutal for all. Soft, sand like straightaways, blown out corners on the bike course that were littered with rookie-esque swerve lines and slow, deep ski track that left all edges cutting deep. Thomas Millerman from Cortez was ripping a Surly Pugsly during the bike leg, letting the witnesses see the beauty that is fat supple tires. DEVO head coach Chad Cheeney placed 8th overall in his first tri event. The race was a qualifier for the world championships, while the national championships will be held in Bend, OR two weeks from now. 

    Opinion on the Wilderness Options for the Columbine District

    There is no option that will work best for our Columbine district. The San Juan Public Lands’ draft management master plan is just another step closer to turning our sweet, sweet forest lands into Wilderness. There is no problem with over use or conflicting user groups in the area stated for Wilderness. How many people do you see on average in the Hermosa drainage per visit? There is no development, oil and gas or anything bad going on in our woods. We, as cyclists, must join forces with the other user groups, motorized and non, to stop this. The messed up thing is that oil and gas companies back this master plan. Its sad how they sell us “good” ideas. The best thing we all can do is make a specific and educated commentClick here to send a comment. Remember None of the Options are Good. Our Forest is Ours to Save. Just a concerned citizen.