Taylor Borucki Takes Segundo

 img_3514crop-more-for-web.jpgAt last weekends Saint Patricks Day Feast downhill race in Boulder City Nevada, DEVO U-19er Taylor Borucki took a tasty 2nd in the Junior Expert Category. Taylor is working on qualifying for the USA Jr Worlds DH team to race at the World Championships in Italy this June. His time would have been good enough to place him 6th in the professional category. Memorial day at the Chili Challenge in Angel Fire New Mexico is the one day qualifier for the team. Good Luck Taylor!img_3530forweb.jpg 

Aztec Has Nice Dirt

Hey riders. Aztec’s tasty trail, Alien Run has a write-up on it at the moment in Bike Magazine. Before you read about it, go ride it. Its perfect right now, Perfect! 45 minutes by car from dtown Durango to trailhead. To get directions, call city of Aztec.  

Durango Wheel Club Sign-Up Party

Dear DWC Members; It is time for our annual Membership Sign-Up Party! Join us at Steamworks on Tuesday March 18th from 6PM to 8PM to sign-up for the 2008 season! For just $5 you can join us for pizza and beer too! We will be raffling away a DWC kit including a jersey, bibs and socks, but you have to be there to win! New this year we will be giving out annual DWC membership cards. Current members, including those who signed-up for the 2008 season on Active.com and 2007 DWC Championship participants, can pick-up their 2008 DWC membership cards at the party. What: 2008 Membership Sign-up Party; $25 for adults, $15 for students and juniors (18 and under). Pizza and Beer for only $5! Current members can pick-up their 2008 DWC membership cards. When: Tuesday March 18th from 6PM to 8PM. Where: Steamworks Durango, 801 E 2nd Ave. Why: Because we also like to party! See you on Tuesday! Patti, Joe & Spencer contact: durangowheelclub@gmail.com

Jr Devos Tuesday Night

 1st through 5th graders can meet the coaches and sign up on tuesday night. Be prepared to fill out several forms, one in particular a noted “doozy.” Forms can be printed off this site, just look down.  Jerseys will be sold for 30 a child. We will also talk weather and trail conditions. If your child does not have a bike and wants to participate, please contact us and we will help in some way.20incher-soonweb.jpg   20incher with gears please

DEVO Meetings Tuesday and Wednesday

Meetings will be taking place for all DEVO spring and summer riders and racers this upcoming week. I cannot remember them at this moment so please scroll down and check the dates. Also, it looks as if there is to be a DWC sign up meeting on the same night as one of our meetings. You will be able to attend both. Our meetings can be quite easy to obtain information and bolt. Please do not forget about the Top Secret Training Camp change of dates to the first weekend in April, camp host Russ the Muscle for info. Oh yes, Chase Orrick has been excited to announce his first TV deal, as IDTV has picked up DEVO mtb action once a month for the six summer months. Cycling on TV!  More info coming soon.

New Zealand is Amazing

Good day to yall. NZ has been amzing so far. The rides have been spot on. Anne and I ride every day in some place new. Little River, Acaroa, Timaru, Wanaka, and Queensland so far. Epic views and tons of sheep scattering the hillside. With no watch and no clue what day it is, the adventures run into each other. Summer is here now, sorry about that. Anne and I rode in this one trail network the other day that was filled with jumps and stunts, and all kinds of people were shredding them, old and young alike. No wonder not many of us in Durango can boast huge gaps, we have none to boast. DEVO riders should begin to formulate plans on how to get paid to travel the earth and ride. Go to work my friends. For how sweet this semi-big island is, I cannot wait to ride with all of you on the greatest trails on earth. Love Chad

Wilderness Meeting FEB 21 @FLC

The local interest in this Wilderness plan has been rolling since last months overcrowded meeting at the Durango Rec Center. Letters to the editor in the Herald and Telegraph have labeled this interest as a self centered cyclist concern to question the Draft Plan. All user groups should be concerned and make an attempt to educate themselves on the issue. This is buisness to them and a way of life to us. There is nothing wrong with Wilderness when an area needs to be protected. Protection is not the case here. Please make a point to show up to the meeting and get informed. In the meantime, research like-cases around the country; West Virginia and California are good examples to refer to. There is no Draft Plan option that will work good for our communty. Just remember that this Wilderness plan is just part of a buisness plan landswap. Money is the root of this mess. Ask questions!

Thats my opinion, Chad

The San Juan Public Lands Center is hosting public meetings to  present and discuss specific topics of concern in the Draft Land Management Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Statement for BLM and
 National Forest lands in southwestern Colorado. The Durango meeting
 is: Thursday, February 21, 2008 Fort Lewis College, 6:30 – 8:30 pm FLC Ballroom.

Topics: Inventoried Roadless Areas, Wilderness recommendations, Wild
 and Scenic River recommendations

Top Secret Training Camp April 4-6

For DEVO U-14, 19 boys and girls. Contact Russell for more. Also, if you have not seen Mallethead, a local film on bike polo, keep your eyes open during the Durango Film Festival late Feb. 


March 19th DEVO U-14,19 Meeting

Another meeting to gather info and talk amongst ourselves will take place wednesday night at the Rec Center. This is for U-19 and 14 athletes and parents and is not mandatory. To sign up please show up to the meeting, mail or deliver your paperwork to the Cheeney’s by April 1st. Forms can be printed off from an earlier blog located somewhere near this very entry. The main goal of the meeting is to get you the latest info on the season.

March 18th Jr DEVO Spring Sign-Up Fest

The Durango Recreation Center on Tuesday night the 18th, 6-8pm will be the jr DEVO sign up night. You can print off forms from an earlier DEVO blog and bring them filled out to the meeting, or just come and do it there. We will also have our Jr DEVO supporter jerseys for 75.00 each and the jr DEVO athlete jerseys for 30.00 apiece.  We’ll see you there!

U-19 Team Helmet Possibility?

Hey DEVO U-19ers. Please check out the red and white Lazer Magma Sport on the web or go try on in person at the Durango Cyclery to see if we should use for team gear. The Helmet is one size fits small, med and large. If you have a small helmet size, please check for looks. Email Chad@durangodevo.com with feedback.

Greg Lewis Joins as Assistant Coach of the DEVO U-14 Boys

lewissmileweb1.jpgHello fellow cyclists, my name is Greg Lewis and I will be one of the DEVO coaches for the spring/summer sessions. I moved to Durango,nine years ago,from Kentucky, and originally grew up in Little Falls, New York. I moved here with the intentions to one day become a professional mountain biker. After 5 years of hard work and dedication I was able to live my dream and began racing in the pro field. In the last 4 years I have traveled all over the United States racing local, regional, national, and even World Cup events. I am very grateful for all of my experiences and wish to apply them to coaching all the amazing talent that exists in Durango.  I originally began riding bikes when I was 5 years old and bought my first mountain bike when I was 11, with money I earned delivering newspapers and shoveling snow. Soon after purchasing my first mountain bike, a large group of friends and myself began shredding the local trails in Upstate New York. I look back at those days and think of all the fun we had and would love to promote and guide these same activities to the youth of Durango. The fun that I experienced, as a kid, is what allowed me to continue enjoying riding and racing as an adult and strongly encourage cycling as a hobby to all.  I am really excited about getting a chance to work with the DEVO team.loiusweb.jpg