DEVO News 3-27

Things are happening slow right now. Our landlord wants to move back in to his house, by May 1st, and has asked us to move out after 9 years of sweet Durango life. We are supper bummed. I actually cried all day and I have a beard and everything. DEVO is still on this upcoming week. Rosters, numbers and that stuff will be later than earlier due to our predicament. Please contact us with any sweet commutable housing ideas. Thanks.1202658868-1.jpeg 

Top Secret Training Camp NEW DATES

TSTC’s new dates are April 4-6th. This is classified information and should be whispered when delivered. For registration, please contact or visit with Russell at the Durango Cyclery. Please register with Russ by March 31 which is a monday. The secret location is 32 miles from Durango. The $50 camp is open to all U-14 and U-19 male and female DEVO riders. Each teams’ coach will be in attendence as well as several top secret super stars. We need those planning to attend to RSVP ASAP with RUSS at 247-0747. We cant wait! 


Good Tuesday to you all. The season starts next week my friends. Are you ready? We are getting ride lists set up at the moment, with final rosters to be here around friday. Look below to find a complete list of jr DEVO forms and schedules. The trails are still muddy and the sun is out oh so sweetly. DEVO practices will be going on as scheduled. Spring trail riding will prove to be a tricky endeavor this year, and it is our aim to teach the jrs how to respect the trails. Have a nice day and please contact or with any questions.

Form-O-Rama, the latest in Jr. DEVO Forms

This was the 2008 edition, 2009 coming soon

San Juan Forest Plan Comments: The comment period for the San Juan Forest Plan has been extended for one month until April 11. If you have not sent in comment, please do so as soon as possible to: Offered via web site at:, by FAX to: 916-456-6724, or by mail to San Juan Plan Revision, P.O. Box 162909 Sacramento, CA 95816-2909 The draft Plan and draft EIS can be viewed and downloaded in Portable Document Format (PDF), at the following Web site:

Chase Orrick's Film Durango DEVO

chaseweb.jpgFor a donation of $15.00, you can own u-19er Chase Orrick’s film Durango DEVO. The film documents the 2007 race season. There are only 12 copies left in the world, so act fast. Click on videos to the right to view the vid in four parts., first come first serve. 

Bike Parade on Sat

Pedal for the Planet Bike Parade and Open Mike. What: Celebrate alternative transportation with this spontaneous bicycle convergence. Don’t just watch, join in! Decorate your bike, build pedal-powered floats, and enjoy an open mike with music and spoken word by the river. When: Saturday, March 22 – 12:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Decoration, float building, and open mike; 2:30 to 3:00 p.m. Bike Parade Where: Durango Recreation Center Amphitheater Other info: Bring your own bike Cost: Free. For more info: Contact Melissa Davis at 1206052625.jpeg  

Parents on Rides

Sorry parents, 2008 will officially be the first year that parents are not allowed on DEVO rides. Do not worry, you have not been bad, it is a learning thing. We believe that children are more apt to learn in a group setting when they have a trained coach to pay attention to. Have nice spring breaks!dmbc.jpg 

Top Secret Training Camp is April 4-6

Yes, TSTC is going to be amazing and is open to all u-14 and u-19 male and female athletes. Desert riding at it’s best. Athletes must RSVP through Russ, owner of the Durango Cyclery, by March 31st at 6pm. Schedule will be made public late March. Basically, riders will be dropped off at base camp friday early evening and will be picked up Sunday at 3-4pm. Sorry, parents are not invited. The camp staff will have shelter, food, toilet and activity under control. Top Secret guests will make appearances and each teams coach will be there to lead daily rides and activities. Athletes will need several pairs of clean chamois and jersey’s, sleeping bag, 5 pair socks, sunscreen, energy bars, camp chair, and warm clothes. Carpooling will take off from the Durango Rec Center on Friday after school. If you need a ride, call a teammate and make it happen. The trip will cost each rider 50.00. Fun and sand will be included at no extra charge. Location will be whispered in late march.

U-19 News 3-20

Yo DEVO, the season is around the corner. Detailed practice schedules will be out soon, but for now women will practice with Kricket Lewis monday 4:15-6:15, wednesday 4:15-6:15 and Friday 3-5:30 all rides meeting at the rec center, and ending as well. The men will be tuesday 4:14-6:15, wednesday 4:15-6:15 and friday 3-5:30. Again, meeting and pickup at the Rec, south parking lot. Uniforms can be purchased by calling Chad at 764-5758 or by waiting until the first week of practice. Top Secret Training camp is April 4-6th. Look up for more info. First race will be in Fruita April 12-13, camping, fun race so please do not worry. We just had one long winter so understand that our fitness will come around later than last year. As outdoor athletes, we must train through and around our amazing seasons. Next week you will know even more than you do now, so keep in touch. Peace, Chad

U-14 DEVO News 3-20

Hey there middle schoolers. Things are moving fast now that Anne and I are back. The season starts the first week of April, so please have all paperwork to us by then. If you do not place a medical and release of liability form in our hands, you will not be able to practice. Detailed schedules will be on this site soon. U-14 girls team will practice wednesday from 4-6 pm, and friday 3-5:30pm both days meeting and pickup at the south end of rec center parking lot. Jess Reed will be your coach, so check her intro out on this blog somewhere below. U-14 boys will meet monday 4-6 and friday 3-5:30pm. Rec Center will be beginning and end. Greg Lewis will be the full time assistant, so check his intro out as well. This is going to be an amazing year. April 4-6 is Top Secret Training Camp, look up for more info. April 12-13th will be our first team race in Fruita and we will be camping as a team, more info on that next week. This blog and email will be our main source of information, so stay tuned. 764-5758 for DEVO questions. Please no 259-0686. Peace, Chad


Hello parents, We had a good sign up meeting tuesday night and there is still room on all of our rides. Please make note that paper work needs to be in our hands before the first rides. We will not accept any day of ride registration. Forms can be printed off by clicking on parent info on the right. Scroll down and click on stuff that sounds relevant. Each jr rider will need a signed medical release, waiver, and code of conduct. Schedules of each ride are also nearby those forms, so go there and print away. The trails are muddy and that will cause us all a little grief soon, but not to worry, DEVO always works out. If weather and mud get in our way, we will just take our program into the summer. Your children will get 8 weeks of riding under their belts. Our main communication is through this site and Annie and Chads email. So please make sure your paperwork has a good email contact for you. Sweet, for paperwork and mula stuff, and for program info, rider placement and numerous other things. Please also feel free to contact us at 764-5758. 259-0686 is our home phone and we’d prefer not to use it for DEVO. Have a nice day, Chad

Hermosa Off-Road Classic in July

Hermosa Off-Road Classic – Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hermosa Creek trail racing is back! Come one, come all, to race on the high country trail that made Durango famous. There is a 36 mile course for Professionals and under 39 Expert Men, 2 Singlespeed classes, cool prizes, and a post-race BBQ/Campout for racers and friends/family. Proceeds go to the Fort Lewis College Cycling Team and the Smylie Bike Project. For more info or contact Dave Hagen at (970) 759-4056 or

This is an amazing local race 

U-14 and U-19 DEVO Riders on Wednesday Night

Rec Center 6-8pm will be the place of sign up action and question answering. Print off forms ahead of time to make it easy. 2008 Uniforms will be in the house. Yes it is true, and boy are they good looking. Athlete prices are 1/2 our cost@ $21.00 each for jersey and shorts, $45.00 for skinsuit. Second piece of uniform will be DEVO cost @ $42.00 and $90.00. We purchased extra for those who wanted back up chamois. Supporter jerseys will be sold to the public at $250.00, which will go towards athletes who can not afford.radrossair.jpgRad Ross