Trails 2000 Donated VW Van Sold

Thanks to Seth Lander for buying the 1986 VW Van that Mary Monroe and Travis Brown of Trails 2000 donated to us last winter. The money will go towards a team vehicle in the future. Nice work team! In related news, Travis placed 1st in the singlespeed xc and 5th in the Sea Otter super D event. Travis is the man…..and Mary is the man too!

Nice Work TWells

DEVO friend Todd Wells paced 11th today in Houffalize, Belgium, at the World Cup season opener. Todd is on a mission to compete in the upcoming summer Olympics in Bejing. Julien Absalan, last Olympic gold medalist, took the victory.

Jr. DEVO News Friday 4-18

Three weeks under the belt so far. It is amazing how fast they learn and progress. We think it also helps the learning when they are amongst their peers. The big groups are tough at times, but for the most part, they offer more models to the skill of cycling. We all get better when we ride with our friends.

The mud hasn’t been too bad so far, and sorry if it has. Kids like riding straight through as it actually is the proper trail edict  when spring riding. 

Parents, ask your kids how to brake, climb, mount a bike or descend and see what they have to say. Let them teach you a skill if the timing is right. 

I guess we really do not have any “news’ at the moment. The rides have been going great so far and the coaches are having a blast riding with your children. Keep up the good work parents and we’ll see you next week for more riding. Thanks Coach Chad

Oh yeah, Bike/garage moving sale at Anne and I’s house this saturday 10-5, tons and tons of bikes and parts. Check it out.


Norcal High School Mountain Bike League Video

Check out the USA’s model High School racing league. These guys are so organized and make cycling dreams come true for hundreds of Northern California youth. Rock Onward! Colorado has just begun getting something similar called CMBL, Colorado Mountain Bike League. DEVO head coach Chad Cheeney is one of the board members for the upstart HS/MS league, so contact him at if you have any ideas.

Sweet Fruita Pics via Jeanne Pastore

What a great weekend of racing. Here are some photos Jeanne Pastore shot while DEVO was on course. Jeanne has been photographing the team throughout the years and her work is used frequently on this blog site.

BMX Clinic This Very Saturday

future starsTop pro BMX rider Kenth Fallon will be conducting a 3 hour clinic from 9 am to 12 pm this Sunday (April 20th) at Durango BMX. The picture is not Kenth, but local super star Grady James, why…I do not know.  The cost is $30.  Riders of all ages and ability levels (including beginners) are welcome.  Kenth has been to our track multiple times in the past and is a great teacher.  Our first race of the season will follow the clinic.  If you would like more information, contact Field Blevins (970-759-5700).


Roost Factory Liquidation Sale

Everything must go! This Saturday the 19th of April marks the Cheeney’s big garage/bike shop sale. The landlord wants his casa back, so Anne and Chad must unweight and move out. Weighting was the result of 14 combined years of living in the Childress home at 1015 E 5th. The sale is worth stopping by and seeing the cycling history before your eyes. There is not that much good stuff, but the great stuff is pretty sweet. Please stop by and buy some stuff, you will not be disappointed.

DEVO News 4-15

a well deserved sip

This is week three my friends. Our first team race has passed and our next is May 2-4 in Nathrop, CO. We will be camping as a team at a sweet campground. More on that soon. This friday the 18th is our first U-14,19 skill sesh at the factory trails. We will be working on our fundamentals so be prepared to relearn. Next friday the 25th will be our first monthly Telegraph Hill Climb Time Trial. Get ready to feel that feeling. April 27 is the local race Alien Run in Aztec, NM. It is always a fun scene and I recommend we all give it a go. Start saving your old bike parts to sell at the Velo Swap on May 23rd. It will be DEVO’s spring time fundraiser. Thats about all we got for now. Have a nice spring day.

Rabbit Valley Rampage Results

Hey. We all have wind burnt lips and red noses, but the real news lies within the realm of team results. Durango DEVO riders placed well this weekend in Saturdays individual time trial and Sundays cross country. Here are the results; Alicia Rose Pastore 1st jrExpert TT and 1st jrX XC, Kaila Hart 1st JrSport XC, Joan Walker 3rd JrSport XC and Super Coach Kricket on full factory support.

More; Stephan Davoust 1st JrBegginner XC, Chris Blevins 2nd JrBeg TT and 2nd JrBeg XC, Gino Pastore 1st jrSport TT and 2nd jrSport XC, Sepp Kuss 3rd JrSport TT and 3rd JrSport XC, Chase Orrick 8th JrExpert XC and Howard Grotts 4th JrX TT and 10th JrX XC.

More; Alumni Tad Elliott 8th Pro TT and 7th ProXC, Alumni Joe Schneider 24th semiproXC, Coach Chad 24th Pro/Semipro TT and 29th XC and DEVO Director Annie Cheeney 6th SportXC. Camp Friend Robin Guillaume 3rd Singlespeed TT and 2nd XC, and Jr DEVO Volunteer Dylan Stucki 5th ProTT and 10th ProXC.

It was a well played weekend for all in attendance. We camped together and worked together and smiles made themselves present. Fruita has amazing trails as both courses left us all chatting up race commentary, long after the timing chip ripped from our ankles. Thank you parents of DEVO for all of your amazing support. Our program would not be what it is without you and your children. You made good ones! 


DEVO U-14 and U-19 Teams Headed to Fruita

Fellow mountain bike mecca Fruita, Colorado will be the first stop of the season for the DEVO cyclists. A first year event, the Rabbit Valley Rampage consists of a individual time trail on saturday morning and a cross country on sunday. Attending the race will be; coaches Anne and Chad Cheeney, Kricket Lewis and riders, Alicia and Gino Pastore, Sepp Kuss, Howard Grotts, Taylor Borucki, Chase Orrick, Kayla Hart, Joan Walker, Chris Blevins an Stephan Davoust. Wish us luck and have fun roosting in DTown while we are gone.

Jr. DEVO News 4-9, Its Rainy

Sorry Jr DEVO folks, the rain will take our ride away today. Practice will be cancelled for all jr wednesday rides. We will do a make up on may 28th. Ride leaders will still show up at meeting spots to keep confusion to a minimum. Have a nice day. All U-14,19 teams will ride rain or snow.

Alien Run April 27

Sweet local race Alien Run will take place sunday april 27 in Aztec, New Mexico. This is one sweet race that has more corners than a store that only sells corners. You can register and find info on this race by showing up sunday morning before the race. This is a classic local roostfest for ages 12 and up. 

Durango DEVO and IDTV Unite

We are close to a deal with the local tv station IDTV, channel 15, to show a bi-monthly mountain bike program all in the name of DEVO. We are currently looking for sponsors for our air time. It is a great way to advertise locally. Please contact if interested. Chase Orrick will be the mastermind behind the lens, Annie will be the hardworking businesswoman and our DEVO programs in the community will provide the content. Have a nice day.


Escalante Days in August

DEVO’s team race in Telluride on August 1-3 was officially cancelled last month and will be replaced by Escalante Days in Dolores on August 9th. This is an amazing local race with a town festival surrounding the event. With traveling expenses skyrocketing, this will be a welcome team event. Mark it down as a go all you U-14 and U-19 DEVO racers, we are Dolores bound! The race covers the Boggy Draw singletrack area located just outside of downtown Dolores. The festival includes numerous BBQ’s, waterfight and random small town activities.