Results for Factory Trails #3

June 25th

B Women; 1.Kaila Hart, 2. Hannah Madden, 3. Summer Ellefson, 4. Annie Cheeney, 5. Sarah Autry

B Men; 1. Chris Blevins, 2. Elliott Saslow, 3. Jack Ellefson, 4. Cully Brown, 5. James Shahan, 6. Cordon Pringle

A Women; 1. Alicia Rose Pastore

A Men; 1. Ryan Trebon, 2. Tad Elliott, 3. Travis Brown, 4. Troy Wells, 5. Drew Elliott, 5. Erich McAlister, 6. Chad Cheeney, 7. Nate Whitman, 8. Frank Mapel, 9. Gino Pastore, 10. Joe Burtoni, 11. Lars Ellefson, 12. Sepp Kuss, 13. Cody Stephenson, 14. Joe Autry, 15. Howard Grotts, 16. Kyle Horn, 17. Steve Autry, 18. Robin Guillaume 

*Next week in the gulch for the sport ridge lapper. 

June 16 results

June 9 results

Bike to Work Week

This Friday will be the big Bike to Work Week celebration, taking place downtown fro 4ish to 630ish. Come on down and check things out. DEVO head coach, Chad Cheeney will be there timing commuters, racers and children alike on his random DEVO Obstacle Popsicle course. Ride your bike.

STXC Photos

Jeanne Pastore, Mother of Gino and Alicia Rose, snapped these photos of last wednesdays short track at the factory trails. Tonight the STXC will take place at the same location.

DEVO Short Track #3 Wednesday at the Factory Trails

Yep.devo-shorttrack-schedulewill happen at 6pm for the B’s and 630pm for the A’s at the high speed track located in the Factory Trails. Head up to  the southern tip of campus at 530 to register and bring a 5 dollar bill to support the DEVO squad. Last weeks event saw 30 participants suffer their faces off, the winners being, Hannah Madden and Elliott Saslow in the B’s and Alicia Rose Pastore and Travis Brown in the A’s. See ya’ll there.

Commuter Challenge

 The 2nd annual Commuter Challenge will take place on Thursday, June 26 as part of the expanded Durango Bike Week event. Please go to <>  for details on the event and to register for the Commuter Challenge. Click on ‘Thursday’ to see the registration form. Please make sure to fax in the registration form (247-2513) by June 15.

 Awards will be given in three categories: one for small companies (under 25); medium companies (26-199) and one for large companies (200 plus). The winner will be chosen at the Durango Bike Week Street Fair taking place on Main Street on Friday, June 27 between 10th and 11th from 4p-7p. The Commuter Challenge winner will be awarded at 5:15 pm and we’d like a representative from your company present. The Trek Cruiser (hanging at Carver’s) will be given away at 6pm.

 Many of you have inquired about employees who have long commutes so we will accept employees who drive in, park their car and ride at least one mile to work. The phone number for the ‘T’ is: 259-5438.

 Feel free to direct any questions to Trails 2000 at 259-4682.

 Thanks for participating.

Happy Trails-Mary Monroe

Trails 2000 and the entire BTWD Committee Challenge

Silly Silly Silly

Coming soon, a full instructional video with the U-14 boys on how to drop a drop.


July Jr. DEVO Session to Begin in July

Director Annie Cheeney has headed up what is being billed as the first Jr DEVO summer session ever. Starting in July and ending in July the programs offered are 6-7 year olds with coach Deb Hall, 20 inchers with coach Annie and 24inchers with coach Chad. Contact asap if you want in.   

Village Auto Care Helped the Cheeney's Miniature Van, Bigtime

U-14er Stephan Davoust was riding away from practice one day when he observed the Cheeney’s miniature van rolling down the street, looking and sounding horrible. Stephan informed his father, Bob, owner of Durango’s Village Auto Care, of what he had just witnessed. Bob then offered to do a safety check on the vehicle since the vehicle takes Coaches Chad and Annie all over this mountainous state to the teams monthly races. What he found was a mistreated, unmaintained mess. Coach Chad then accepted Bobs help and drove to his shop to drop off the vehicle. Upon entering the shop, Chad was amazed at how clean it was, he had never seen or expected an auto shop to be so clean. A day passed and Bob called to say the sweet charriot was back in business. Driving the vehicle away from the shop, Annie and Chad were again amazed. This was the best the vehicle had ever driven, the steering, the engine, the headlights, the tire pressure were all spot on. Chad and Annie were very impressed and they high fived tons of times.

Crested Butte was Stupendous

Super D and Downhill Results;

Super D

Junior Men; 2. Joe Autry, 3. Chase Orrick, 4. Howard Grotts, 5. Gino Pastore, 8. Stephan Davoust, 22. Levi Kurlander of 31.

Junior Women; 1. Alicia Rose Pastore, 2. Hannah Madden, 3. Kaila Hart, 5. Joan Walker of 9

19+ Men; 14. Daniel Walker of 27

Open Men; 7. Chad Cheeney of 18

19+ Women; 8. Annie Cheeney of 10


Jr Expert Men; 13. Kyle Horn

Semi Pro Men; 8. Evan Elliott of 26

Junior Sport Men; 16. Joe Autry of 40

Junior Sport U-14; 4. Gino Pastore, 10. Sepp Kuss

Expert Men; 2. Chad Cheeney

Crested Butte Was Real Nice

Cross Country Results;

Beginner 14 and under; 1. Stephan Davoust, 2. Levi Kurlander, 4. Collin Francom, 5. Hank Stowers, 9. Chris Blevins of 16 racers.

Sport Women 18 and under; 1. Kaila Hart, 2. Hannah Madden, 3. Joan Walker, 5. Sarah Autry, 6. Kaylee Blevins (first U14 DEVO girl to race ever!)  of 9 racers

Sport Men 18 and under; 1. Gino Pastore, Sepp Kuss got lost while roosting

Junior expert women; 1. Alicia Rose Pastore by 16 mins.

Junior expert men; 3. Howard Grotts, 12. Chase Orrick, 14. Kyle Horn

DEVO Coaches and Alumni;

1st Sport Women 30+ Annie Cheeney

2nd Sport 19-29 Evan Elliott

2nd Pro Men Tad Elliott 6:30 off Treefarm

3rd 19-29 expert Brenden Shafer

3rd Singlespeed Robin Guillaume


Crested Butte Day One

Day one went well for the Durango DEVO squad. After longer than expected travel due to road work, the teams were eager to hit the course for some sweet pre-ride action. Coach Chad led the first wave on the course and was excited to see a change from last years fire road descent. This year, the descent joins up with the downhill course and sends the xcers down a steep, dusty, bermed out track that really tests the skills of the young rippers. Coaches Kricket and Annie led out the second wave which saw Howard crash in the very downhill described above, and bend his derailuer hanger. Joan rode her brand new Orbea, the teams latest bike sponsor, and giggled a bunch. After all that tasty mountain air, the teams reunited in the team condo, where chef Chad cooked up spaghetti, salad, and buttered bread. Thirteen strong, the footsteps and chatter from the condo was loud with excitement after dinner. Last minute lubing, derailuer hanger bending, and testing oneanothers bikes filled the last hour of sunlight. Lights out at 10. If only it were that easy. Tomorrow brings the first event, the cross country begins at 8am.