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There are many other ways to support Devo beyond sponsorships and donations. Here is a list of all our active fundraising programs!

#NFTF Coffee Fundraiser

Buy a bag of local coffee and support Durango Devo!

Sales end June 27th…

#NFTF Coffee Sales have ended!

Local pickup will be scheduled for July 7th and 8th from 12:00 noon – 6:00 pm at Hermosa Cafe, 738 Main Ave, Durango

Direct shipping order will be mailed within 7-10 days of your order being placed.

Winners of the Sales Competition will be announced soon! Check your email for details.

Thank you for supporting Durango Devo!

We are excited to introduce you to our newest sponsor, Rocky Mountain Roastery! Owner and operator, Wade Wilderman has been roasting coffee since 1993, and is now bringing his beans to Durango. Wade and his family are passionate cyclists – many of you know Wade’s daughter, Sage Wilderman-Anderson as the founder of 81301 Coffee, who has been involved with Devo as a rider, coach, and a sponsor for many years. We are so happy to welcome Rocky Mountain Roastery to the Durango Devo family!

With the help of Rocky Mountain Roastery, we are kicking off our first (!) major fundraiser of 2020! We are selling a Durango Devo #NFTF roast from Rocky Mountain Roastery, with ALL proceeds (about $6 per bag) going to support Devo! Check out that sweet logo, designed by Devo coach and artist, Jon Bailey. The label features the debut of some NEW artwork that will eventually don our new Devo Van. You’ll want to buy a bag, just to frame the label!

Due to the COVID shut down this spring, Devo lost nearly 50% of our income. As a result, we NEED YOUR HELP to make this fundraiser a success! If every Devo family sold just 2 bags each, we’d meet our fundraising goal with ease! Click below to order online, TODAY!

You have two options for how you’d like to receive your coffee…

Option 1: Local pickup/Devo rider delivery

If a local Devo rider (or local business) referred you to buy a bag, choose this option! The Devo rider who gets the most referral credits will win a prize from Devo! When this order window closes (June 27th), we’ll get our batch of local orders started. Local orders will be handed off to Devo Riders and local businesses for delivery and pickup on July 7th and 8th. We promise, it’ll be worth the wait!

Option 2: Ship directly to me!

Live out of town, or prefer to have your coffee shipped directly to your door? No problem! Direct shipping is available for a flat fee of $7.85 per order. Direct shipping orders will be prepared and shipped as soon as supplies are available, usually within a week.


We are asking the Devo Nation (riders, parents, and supporters) to help us with the coffee fundraiser! As a result of the COVID shutdown, Devo had to cancel ALL of our biggest spring fundraisers. Typically, we rely heavily on funds from the Bike Swap and the Iron Horse Bike Raffle to pay for basic operating expenses and to help keep registration fees low. Now, we need your help to sell some coffee in support of Devo! The top 4 riders – top two, 5th grade and younger, and top two, 6th grade and up – who sell the MOST coffee through referrals to our website will receive some sweet prizes from Devo! Click below for instructions on how to sell coffee, receive credit for your referrals, and deliver your orders when they’re ready. We know that it’s not easy fundraising during these times, so we appreciate your support!

Other ways to support Devo

City Market Community Rewards

Add Devo to your City Market Card Community Awards

Whenever you shop with your City Market card, Devo receives donations from City Market at no cost to you! All you need to do is select Devo as your charity of choice on your City Market Card account. Sign in to your City Market account at the link below. Click the Community Rewards tab on the right-hand side, and enter Devo’s organization number: RH433

Amazon Smile

Add Devo to your Amazon Smile

Of course, we always encourage you to shop locally with our generous local sponsors, but sometimes Amazon just has what you need. Shop at smile.amazon.com, and Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase price to Devo, at no cost to you! Use the same Amazon account as always, but just make sure that you’re shopping on smile.amazon.com, and 0.5% of your purchase price will be donated to Devo from Amazon. Click below to set Devo as your Smile charity of choice: