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2020 Holiday Fundraiser - Never Forget the Feeling!

Support Devo’s Holiday Fundraiser

Sales for Devo’s Holiday Gift Baskets have closed. Baskets and Coffee will be available for pickup on December 18-19 at Pine Needle Dry Goods. Check your emails for details!

Devo buffs and socks will be available in early January. We will send email updates when products are available for pickup!

Holiday Fundraiser

We’ve reached our $15,000 matching goal! THANK YOU!

But, your donations are still hugely valued, and we appreciate all of your continued contributions. Thank you for supporting Durango Devo!

Other ways to support Devo

There are many other ways to support Devo beyond sponsorships and donations. Here is a list of all our active fundraising programs!

City Market Community Rewards

Add Devo to your City Market Card Community Awards

Whenever you shop with your City Market card, Devo receives donations from City Market at no cost to you! All you need to do is select Devo as your charity of choice on your City Market Card account. Sign in to your City Market account at the link below. Click the Community Rewards tab on the right-hand side, and enter Devo’s organization number: RH433

Amazon Smile

Add Devo to your Amazon Smile

Of course, we always encourage you to shop locally with our generous local sponsors, but sometimes Amazon just has what you need. Shop at smile.amazon.com, and Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase price to Devo, at no cost to you! Use the same Amazon account as always, but just make sure that you’re shopping on smile.amazon.com, and 0.5% of your purchase price will be donated to Devo from Amazon. Click below to set Devo as your Smile charity of choice: