Mike Wilk Does it Again

Former FLC Cycling Club President, Mike WIlk has done it again. This time it is two cherry looking, old school Yeti’s. Mike restores pre-V-Brake classic cool mountain bikes. Check out his history of bringing back the dead here

Squawker Cup #3 Photos by Mike Wilk

Twas a good day of suffering. Sundays race might have been the biggest field to line up for a local race ever. The Squawker Cup was run by Rick Crawford, Dave Hagen, Mike Engelman, Ruthie Mathis and Jeramiah Brouchard and will continue the next four sundays. Yes! Results 3-squawker-cup-results1 Squawker Cup#4 course map 4-course-map

Mike Wilk's Yeti FRO

      1991 Yeti FRO.  Replica of the bike that appeared in the 92 Yeti brochure and raced by the team (minus the purple Ringle).  Quintessential early 90’s race bike. Frame number 1792.  Now hangs in the museum at Absolute Bikes in Salida.  sweet 1990’s race dreams