2018 DevoCross!

Welcome to Devo’s 2018 cyclocross programs!

Many consider cyclocross to be a steeplechase with modified road bikes on a 2km course over hill and dale; others consider it to just be a muddy mess. Its roots can be traced to the early 1900s when French army private Daniel Gousseau would ride his bicycle alongside horseback-riding friends through the woods. But, it’s also an immensely popular winter cycling discipline, guaranteed to get you fitter (and muddier) with an exceptional atmosphere to boot!

FOR THE LOVE OF MUD from benedict campbell on Vimeo.


This year, Devo is excited to offer TWO different cyclocross programs!


Mondays, 4:00-5:30pm @ the Durango Rec. Center

5-week program, Nov. 5 – Dec. 3

For middle schoolers, and/or those who are just being introduced to cyclocross and are looking to work on skills and just have fun!

Head Coach: Chad Cheeney

Description: This is a fun-filled introduction to the sport of cyclocross! This program is for any rider, middle school age and up, who is interested in learning what cross is all about. Racing need not be an interest, as the primary goal of this group will be to develop skills and learn how to have fun on our winter trails. MTB or CX bike are both totally fine. Make sure to bring warm clothes and gloves for riding in chilly and/or wet weather, as well as front and rear bike lights for when the light gets low towards the end of practice. A Devo Cross jersey is not provided with this registration, but jerseys are available for sale from the Devo website. For questions or more information, please contact Chad Cheeney at chad@durangodevo.com.

Price: $175


Tuesdays/Thursdays, 4:00-5:30pm 

Practice location varies; FLC, Rec. Center, etc.

7-week program, Oct. 30 – Dec. 6th

For riders who are interested in training for, and racing cyclocross with their friends!

Head Coach: Sam Vickery

Description: This is a program for riders who are interested in training for, and racing cyclocross! Practices will be focused on building a love for the sport, while also developing sound skills, fitness, and tactics for racing. RACING IS NOT REQUIRED, but riders will have full coach and team support at 3 primary races:

1. 4CCX, Cortez CO, Nov 17th

2. CO State Champs, Parker, CO, Dec 1st-2nd

3. US Nationals, Louisville, KY, Dec 13th-17th (provided there is enough interest in traveling as a team)

A proper cyclocross bike is highly encouraged for this group, though not required; a mountain bike will be fine for practices and most races. Note: A UCI legal CX bike will be required to race at State and National Champs! Make sure to bring warm clothes and gloves for riding in chilly and/or wet weather, as well as front and rear bike lights for when the light gets low towards the end of practice. A SWEET THERMAL DEVO CROSS JERSEY IS PROVIDED WITH YOUR REGISTRATION! Please register ASAP for an on-time delivery of your jersey. For questions or more information, please contact Chad Cheeney at chad@durangodevo.com or Sam Vickery at samvickery1@gmail.com.

Price: $300

See the instructions below to get registered!

Read these instructions entirely before registering! Messed up registrations are a bummer, and take us a long time to fix!

Registration Instructions:

  1. Find your desired registration group, and select how many riders you would like to register. Double check that you have selected the correct registration group for your child(ren). If you would like to download a hard copy of Devo’s registration Waivers, scroll to the bottom of the group description to download. These waivers must be electronically signed later on to complete registration. Click continue.
  2. You are now filling in the “Your Details” Section. This section is for the PRIMARY PARENT/GUARDIAN INFORMATION. Do not fill in your child(ren)’s information on this page. Click continue.
  3. You are now filling in the “Participant Information” Section. This section is for the DEVO RIDERS. Here is where you fill in your child(ren)’s information. If you are registering more than one child, make sure that you fill in the correct child’s information under the correct registration group! For example, if you are registering two children for two different groups, Participant #1 will be preset with one Devo program, while Participant #2 will be preset with the other. Fill in the correct name and information under the participant with the correct corresponding Devo program! To speed your registration, some fields will be auto-filled. Make sure to double check all auto-filled fields to make sure the information is correct! The Additional Information fields, including medical insurance and emergency contact fields, must be filled completely for each participant. Click Continue.
  4. You are now on the Review and Payment page. Double check that you are registering for the correct Devo programs. If you have obtained a Coupon Code (either for a multi-rider discount, coaches discount, or Devo Scholarship), enter it on this page. Fill in your card information. When you are certain that all of your registration information is correct, click Finish.
  5. Congratulations! Your registration is complete! You should receive your receipts in your Inbox in a few moments.


So, you’ve read the instructions and you’re ready to register? Click the button below for your appropriate Devo program! If you’re not sure about which program to register for, contact a Devo coach FIRST so we can make sure to place you in the right group!

Thanks to all of Devo’s amazing sponsors for helping to make our dreams a reality!