Colorado High School League season is almost upon us! Below is some information those teams!

Yes, I know it is still summer, but it is that time of year that the coaches are beginning to plan for the Fall High School Season! Garrett, Brendan and Sarah went to a 3 day coaches/ training for the league and we are pumped to start the season. Below is some info for you guys to start planning your Fall!

Teams: stay the same/ Div II AHS and Div II Durango High(we need to have over 11 to go Div I)

Coaches: Practice coaches: Garrett and Brendan/ Race coaches: Garrett and Sarah

Practices will start Aug 26th and be every Monday and Wednesday until the the State Championships. We would like to still have these two teams practice together. But, if we get a lot more kids, we may separate them. I’m open to comments/ideas on this from the kids!

Jerseys: YES!!!! AHS has its own jersey and shorts and DHS has its own jersey. AHS jerseys are in and I’m still waiting on the DHS ones. But they promise to be here before the season starts. Unlike Devo, the whole team has to be in the same jersey when racing. Devo has scholarships available to help pay for those who need that little extra help.

Social pre-season gathering: Let’s do it!! This will be a recruitment/get together to start the season off with something fun. More info to follow, but we are thinking the first week of school.

Race Schedule:
Sept. 8th Snow Mountain Ranch/ Granby
Sept. 22 Cloud City Challenge/ Leadville
Oct 6th Peaceful Valley Invitational/ Elbert
Oct 20th Hay Meadow Challenge/ State Champs in Eagle

Lodging at Races: Most races the van will leave Saturday and return Sunday. All our drives are over 4 hours this year, so bring that homework, ipods, and a crossword puzzle. I’ve already booked a 5 bedroom cabin at Granby for Sept 7/8. This sleeps 12 peeps (but we can squeeze more on the floor!). This lodging will be racers and coaches only. There is lots of lodging available for parents a stones’ throw away. Leadville I was thinking of camping with everyone. Elbert camping with everyone and Eagle renting a team house/condo again.

Commonly asked questions:
1. Do I have to race to practice with the team? Nope.
2. Do I have to register with the league and Devo? Yes if you are a racer you will need to register with both. If you are not racing than just with Devo! League Reg dues= $50 / Devo HS Dues= $250 (includes coaching at pracs and races/ does not include gas, race fees, or lodging) Scholarships available
3. Parents at races? Of Course!! We NEED our parents to be there and volunteer out on the course, registration, etc. The Devo van will be traveling to EVERY race so as a parent you do not have to go, but are welcome! Some of the lodging will be team only and others will be group. I tried to stagger it as best I could based upon the venue, weather in that region, etc. Devo van priority will go to seniors first, juniors, soph and then fresh. We almost always have room for everyone!
4. Do I have to be in high school to practice and race? Yes. NICA has some strict rules we need to adhere to and the riders need to be IN high school. We can add homeschoolers no prob or even kids from Bayfield, Mancos, etc. but they need to be in high school.
5. Will there be a coach at all 4 races? Yes, we are committed to all four races this year. The races are fun and well…. both teams have a little bit of glory to protect 🙂

More info will follow this, but I just wanted to plant the bug. I was registering the teams this morning and got kinda excited!!!

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