May 29th 2013 at Buckley park

107 Jr Devo’s raced the Jr Devo SUper Duper Fun Race, a fun event for the spring program Devo’s to show off their new skills for their parents. The Eliminator followed on the same course.

B Men/Women; 1. Derek Blackmore, 2. George McQuinn, 3. Heikki Hall, 4. Krista Park, 5. Wiley Corra, 6. Sarah Tescher, 7. Andrew Cunningham, 8. Henry Haggart, 9. Perrin Killen 10. Sven Brunso, 11. Bob Page, 12. Tobin Ogden, 13. Garrett Alexander, 14. Jordan

A Men; 1. Skyler Trujillo, 2. Chad Cheeney, 3. Stephan Davoust, 4. Payson McElveen, 5.Chris Blevins, 6. Miguel Ramos, 7. Sepp Kuss, 8. Ryan Standish, 9. Keenan Desplanques, 10. Ted Compton

Past Results

Next weeks race is at CTA, followed by Factory Trails


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