May 16th, 2013. Nice day

U14 Boys– Austin 25:29, Tye 23:42, Dylan 21:25, Perrin 22:32

U14 Girls– Marit 28:08, Alma 39:30, Carter 30:05, Ellie 31:05, Aubrey 32:05, Sadie 25:11, Ana  39:55

U19 Boys– Levi 15:29, Bryce 17:51, Will 18:30, Chris 15:32, Keiran 18:11, Shane 24:00

U19 Girls–  Emily 20:38, India 20:24, Camryn 22:35, Avra 22:59, Lacey 26:35,

Coaches and Friends–  Chad 17:20, Michael 17:55, Mint 16:26, Gary 20:24, Max 21:11, Jess 24:52, Andrew 22:36

Past Results

The Devo U14/19 boys and girls teams ride from the parking lot of horse gulch to the top of Telegraph Pass once a month throughout the spring/summer season. The riders leave in 1 minute intervals and give it their best shot to the top. This truly hard test produces solid numbers that allow progress to be tracked through out the season, and throughout the years. It has been a part of the Devo program since 2007. Thanks Horse Gulch!

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