q; What was your first “race” bike and what was your first part upgrade?
a;First race bike was a Stumpjumper made out of Tange Prestige tubing bought from the Outdoorsman which is now MBS.  The first part upgrade I made was a Bontrager Switchblade fork.  At that time the bolt together crown was the same as on the Rock Shox RS1 and you could swap between rigid fork and suspension fork depending on the course and just change the lowers.  The first mountain bike that I started exploring the trails around Durango was a Fisher Montare, it was actually my moms but she didn’t ride it much.  She bought it from Durango Cyclery.
q; What is your favorite bike now and what has been your most recent part upgrade?
a;I ride so many different bikes now as Trek and the rest of the industry is re vamping most models on a 1 to 3 year cycle so that is not a lot of time to get attached to a bike.  The bike that I am most attached to though is the last 69er single speed prototype that we made before we stopped with that wheel platform.  It out corners everything else I have on a trail like South Rim.
q; Rank riding destinations you visited in the past 5 years. (mine-Sedona, Fruita, grand junction, Wanaka, NZ, and WInter Park.)
a;We have pretty similar tasts  I have been riding in Sedona a lot in past couple years and the network there is really fun.  I want to explore New Zealand more too.  Durango is my favorite then a four way tie between St. George/Hurricane, Cortina, Sedona and Rotorua. I need to get back to explore the new east coast riding again as well.  Mt. Snow was one of my favorite race venues and I want to check out the new Kingdom Trails network near there.
q; If you where on the pro mtb circuit these days, how would you train in the offseason? Same as in the past, or have you learned a few things since?
a;I would probably not push milage quite as much when it is cold out.  The energy requirement to benefit ratio is high.  So either more cross training like skiing and running and more trips into the amazing southwest desert.
q; If you had 1.5-2 hours to crank out a loop from downtown Durango before the world ended, and you already knew that your family and friends were going to be safe, whats your route.
a;That is a hard choice like most locals I really like the new trails at Twin Buttes but I would have to go for Powerline/Skyline/HyperExtended/Wilky/Telegraph/Crites/Sidewinder/Skull/South Rim/Sale Barn.  That ride has everything.
Travis Brown shredding the rad!
Travis Brown shredding the rad!


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