Monday Kinder: full
Monday 1st grade: full
Tuesday 2nd-3rd: 2 slots
Tuesday 3rd-5th: Full
Wednesday all girls beg/int: 10 slots
Wednesday co-ed adv 4th-5th: 1 slot
Thursday mixed 2nd-5th: 10 slots

Thursday all girl adv: full
Preschool Weds: full
Pre school Tuesday 10-11:30: 1 slot
Friday Kinder 2-4pm: 6 slots
Friday 1st grade 2-4pm: 9 slots

Push Bike Tues 10-11 session #1(April): 3 slots
All other Push bikes are full

Registration for of Devo opens up March 1st.   Click on “About Us”  to find out more about each group and email Sarah with any questions!

YES!  I know that Kinder and 1st grade are full and that is why I am adding another class for each!!!  PLEASE always contact me first to tell me that you did not get in and do NOT put your kinder or 1st grader in the 2nd grade group!  I’m thinking the kinder and 1st grade class will be on Fridays 2-4pm.

Also, the 2nd-3rd grade class will have openings soon as I move the kinders/1st graders out of that group and into their own group!!!

March 11th at 6 pm at rec center is the team meeting for U19

March 12th is the first day of practice (tues, thurs and fridays 4:15-6:15)

March 30th:  Devo Bike Swap at Fairgrounds

April 6/7th:  Top Secret Training camp for U14, U19, Explorers and Flyers (6th-12th grade)

April 13th:  First team race in Fruita


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