Zia/Devo Short Track #11 Results

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June 12th 2012 at Durango BMX

Thanks to new series sponsor Zia Taqueria, Go there for lunch!

Check them out on North Main and out at Ska Brewing in Bodo Park.

B Men; 1. Will Berger, 2. Zach Kurka, 3. Eric Parker, 4. Jeff Frost, 5. Ed Whritner, 6. Tim Schaldach, 7. Sven Brunso, 8. Dan Hubbard, 9. Rich Larson, 10. Ivan SIppy, 11. Riley Jaber

B Women; 1. Emily Schaldach, 2. Camryn Sippy, 3. Carly Froman, 4. Dana Shinn

B Holeshot Lap; Will Berger and Emily Schaldach

A Men; 1. Travis Brown, 2. Howard Grotts, 3. Colton Andersen, 4.  Sepp Kuss, 5. Chris Blevins, 6. Rotem Ishay, 7. Chad Cheeney, 8. Erich McAlister, 9. Greg  Parham, 10. Keenan Desplanques,

A Women; 1. Kaylee Blevins, 2. Jill Behlen, 3. Krista Park

A Holeshots; Chris Blevins and Kaylee Blevins

Next race is at FLC’s Factory Trails

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