April 25th 2012 at the Factory Trails of Fort Lewis College

Thanks to new series sponsor Zia Taqueria, the post race meal deal was delicious!

Check them out on North Main and out at Ska Brewing in Bodo Park.

B Men; 1. Matt Phillips, 2. Gaige Sippy, 3. Zach Kurka, 4. Matt Ozvat, 5. Andrew Cunningham, 6. Charlie Greenberg, 7. Perrin Killen, 8. Tim Schaldach, 9. Bob Davoust, 10. Sven Brunso, 11. Ivan Sippy

B Women; 1. India Waller, 2. Kylie Krauss, 3. Camryn Sippy, 4. Sierra Trout, 5. Marit May, 6. Indigo Farmer, 7. TJ Hillinger

B Holeshot Lap; Matt Phillips and Camryn Sippy

A Men; 1. Markus Bauer, 2. Howard Grotts, 3. Skyler Trujillo, 4. Sepp Kuss, 5. Colton Andersen, 6. Rotem Ishay, 7. Chris Blevins, 8. Ryan Cleveland, 9. Tad Elliott, 10. Kenny When, 11. Miles Venzara, 12. Erich McAlister, 13. Michael Caroll, 14. Greg Lewis, 15. Anthony Diaz, 16. Joe Burtoni, 17. Matt Rapoport, 18. Keenan Desplanques

A Women; 1. Kaylee Blevins

A Holeshot; Markus Bauer

Next race is at FLC’s Factory Trails

Please do not park on the gravel road, you will have to find a legit parking space. They will ticket. Free parking anywhere on campus after 5pm.

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