I would like to share this article with you all, especially those with the serious sugar addiction…you know who you are with your little backpack full of guilty pleasures. This is a great article that I hope will change your perspective on the evils of sugar. This is one of those food-activist topics you will be hearing more and more about in the future. We should all be on the cutting edge of this material. It is right up there with highly refined foods, GMO, BPA and other such food contaminants that the government chooses not to recognize as poison.

I know you are busy with school and base, but please take some time to read these articles if you are in the dark on these topics. We cannot afford to ignore what we put in our bodies. The obvious being, that it affects athletic performance, but on a much larger scale this is about your overall lifelong health and very relevant to things like disease and cancer. Particularly in college when the theme is often about time constraints or financial limitations, causing food choices to be very poor.

I think it is very difficult to comprehend the impact of food contaminants, as it is vast and overwhelming and simply easier to keep buying cheap food and ignoring the truth. Especially easy when your perspective is narrow and short term, where you may not see an is easy to then deduce that fuel choice is not important. But in a long term sense, this is not sustainable and eventually there will be a cumulative effect that will corrupt your health in a major way.



BPA’s, good canned foods list:

BPA discussion:

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