Flyers hang in Angel Fire this August
Flyers hang in Angel Fire this August

August 12th-14th the Devo Flyers swooped down upon the ski resort of Angel Fire New Mexico to test their skills on some of the most fun and challenging terrain in the area. The trip started off with an amazing spaghetti dinner put together by the amazing Devo parents in our awesome rental home, which by the way had a fosse ball table. After dinner we hit the dirt Jump/skills Park for some warm up airtime. We had so much fun hitting jumps after sitting in the car for 4 hours that we rode well into night, and found our way home via the urban assault stair to stair to baby pump track to stair trail.
Saturday morning started off with basketball pancakes made to order by Coach Ron, which really helped these flyers start the day off right. Chair lift turns, bikes loaded, yep, we had first chair!!!! You could tell these Durango free riders were hungry. We shredded all morning on almost every trail they had there, and only encountered 2 flats. By early afternoon, the chair got shut down for lightning so off to the dirt jumps we went. You just couldn’t slow these riders down. We even invented some new lines in the jump park! After about 3 hours of jumping, we got the scoop on how shuttle to the top, and our amazing Devo parents drove us up so we could get one more DH run in for the day. This run took us down all our favorite jump lines multiple times. Candy Land step-up was hiked about 50 times until exhaustion set in and it was time to head home for monster burritos made by our wonderful Devo parents.
Bike tuning, fosse ball tournaments, and foot down games lead the night. O’ did I mention we drank lots of sugar water…
Sunday was filled with everyone racing to the lift for fear of a short day due to lightning. But that wasn’t the case, we shredded the mountain until everyone was too tired to continue, and rental bikes had to be back. Time for a 4-hour drive home and thoughts of one of the greatest bike trips ever. I wanted to sleep on the way home but Keenan made me drive and listen to John McCain POW stories.
To understand the progression of these Devo Flyers, our first practice consisted of jumps with airtime of a couple of feet. By the Angel fire trip, these kids were hitting road gaps, 45-foot monster jumps and some of the most technical rocky terrain around. Nice job Flyers, we look forward to next season. And thank you parents for making this first season of Flyers possible.

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