Give a high five to the fellas who went down to Angel Fire this weekend. Sepp won the cat 1 race, his first victory in the category. Teammates Chris, River, Devin, and Henry all finished in the top five in the xc. Levi flatted 2 times! Then finished the race like nothing ever happened. Chris Blevins took the victory in the Under 14 boys! Coaches Annie and Chad had tough, hot races and finished at the back. Annie crashed hard on her arm and cut it up pretty bad. They  were sad, but then thats racing. The super d was tough and fun. Coach Chad broke his chain on a rock in the first 20 seconds, Sepp flatted on the first turn and tried to jump the jump anyway and crashed pretty hard, and then Shane crashed in the junior race and broke his arm, not that bad of a break supposedly. And to top it off, Sepp’s Mom, Sabina took a crash while riding down the mountain after watching the race and had to be taken down in the cart. She suffered a calf wound that wouldnt stop bleeding but is ok. Devin was the only one who made it down in one piece out of the 4 of us. Lets all say a prayer for a quick Shane recovery!

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