DEVO alumni Tad Elliott and current DEVO strongman, Howard Grotts took victories in last weekends local road slugfest, Tad winning the Pro1-3  race and Howard the Cat 4-5. Check out the results here on the Durango Wheel Club website. Each rider rode to victory by taking the hill climb up the front hill on the final laps. Congratulations fellas.

4/25/10 Coca Cola Road Race

Open Women
1 Shontelle Pierce Colavita NM
2 Betsy Richards Strawberry Field Trips
3 Holly Sharp Durango Wheel Club
4 Lauren Taylor Irish Embassy
5 Martha Iverson Durango Wheel Club
6 Meredith Mapel Coca Cola
Men 4/5
1 Howard Grotts Durango DEVO
2 Eric Malone Durango Wheel Club
3 Dale Kneller Durango Wheel Club
4 Joel Richards JS Media
5 Paul Adams N/A
6 Chris Grolefer Durango Wheel Club
7 Eric Burris Durango Wheel Club
8 Robert Montgomery Durango Wheel Club
9 Andrew Ferguson Directory Plus
10 Steve Ilg Durango Wheel Club
11 Reid Ackerman Great Divide
12 Daniel Penner N/A
13 David Blake N/A
14 Walt Axthelm Durango Wheel Club
15 Don Mapel Durango Wheel Club
Men Pro/1/2/3
1 Tad Elliot Sho Air
2 Neil Coleman Bahati
3 Dan Bowman Kelly Benefit Strategies
4 Chris Wherry Rocky Mtn. Chocolate Factory
5 Joey Thompson Mtn. Bike Specialists
6 Erick McAlister N/A
7 Erick Carlson Tessier
8 John Delacy Durango Wheel Club
9 Michael Carroll Durango Wheel Club
10 Lee Rosenthal Rocky Mtn. Chocolate Factory
11 Brendan Shafer Wooly Mammoth
12 Lars Ellefson Maple Pursuit
13 Steve Koller Colavita NM
DNF Anthony Colby Jelly Belly
DNF Grant Berry Rocky Mtn. Choclate Factory
DNF Gaige Sippy Iron Horse Bicycle Classic

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