Rumor has it that there is a top secret training camp rapidly approaching. Would you want to show up to train on your bike adjusted to last season’s body? Aren’t you taller now? Stronger? Come to Top Secret DEVO Bike Fit Night at the Durango Rec Center on Wednesday, April 7th from 6-8pm to get your bike fitted so you can ride faster and harder. Dr. Ryan Siggins, a certified Retul bike fitter, helps fit the pros including riders on the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Team and the Fort Lewis Cycling team . Ryan will take your bike and fit it to this year’s taller, stronger, meaner body. Get ready for the best season ever with a bike fit by Ryan Siggins.BikeFit redcirclelogo

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  1. Wish I could have been there with you tonight. I would have love to spend time watching you help all the young Durango riders get fit for the up-coming bikign season. All you Durango residents are very fortunate to have the best bike fit professionals at your door step. Take advantage of the love, dedication and expertise of Dr. Ryan and get the bike fit to your body.

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