Hello Devo Jr. families. Just a reminder: all schedules have been sent out and posted on our website. U14/U19 starts this week, Just Ride/1st grade/kinder starts next week, and all other Devo Jr. groups start the week of April 12th……ahhhhhh why can’t this snow melt already! All the Devo coaches want to ride!

Devo Jr. jerseys are at Hasslefree! Hasslefree is our Devo Jr. shop and has special Devo deals on bikes and biking equipment. Please, please understand that all our Durango bike shops are such a great support to Devo. They are always willing to go out of their way to help Devo and its families. Please know that the special pricing is for Devo athletes and not their parents and/or non-Devo siblings.

If you are looking for a bike. 1st check out Hasslefree, as the have some great Trek bikes for kids! But, also check out our other bike shop partners: 2nd Ave, DurangoCyclery, and MBS. 2nd Ave has some great kids’ Scott’s! OR, the website is being updated and will include a “bike swap/gear sale” link for kids wanting to swap out for bigger sizes. OR, check out DurangoDevo/ Iron Horse’s Bike Swap. OR Devo does have some loaner bikes…mostly 24″.

I hope this is helpful to everyone! Think warm, windy weather to dry out the trails!!
Sarah Tescher
Durango DEVO Director

2010 Spring ride schedules

Spr’10 Kindergarten Mon

spr’10 1st Monday

spr’10 Tues 20

spr’10 Tues 24

spr’10 All-Girls wed

spr’10 Thursday 24_26

2010 Spring AllGirlsAdvanced Thursdays

Spr’10 K-1s Fridays

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