Califoria's Whole Athlete Cycling Team
Califoria's Whole Athlete Cycling Team

California’s Whole Athlete Cycling Team has become the first UCI registered Junior/u23 mountain bike team in years. This comes in the wake of the USA Cyclings decision to end its U23 National Team. Another junior team from Arizona, called Team Super Nova is also in the process of signing up as a UCI trade team. This costly license allows the team to send racers over seas to compete in the World Cup Series. Also exciting for this season is the Windham, New York World Cup Finals. As of last year, World Cup races have included junior races at the event, but to enter, the juniors must be on a roster of a UCI team, which has been historically rare. This is exciting stuff for US junior mountain bikers.

In somewhat simular news, the Colorado High School MTB Leauge has a schedule out

Tentative Race Schedule
Race #1 Sept 18
Race #2  Oct 2
Race #3  Oct 16
Race # 4 Oct  30  (State Championships)

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