The 2009 edition of the local August Horse Gulch shredfest, Dirt Lovers Rally was a see of blue, red and yellow DEVO jerseys. As the final team race of the 2009 season, the junior team showed up in mass and put the seasons hard work to the final test.  Sucsesses were seen on all fronts as the teams members gave it thier all for the event. Organizer Rick Callies said if it were not for our team, he would have had to cancell the race for 2010. Numbers were down for some reason, and DEVO saved the day. 

DEVO Results

Beginner Female; 1. Whitney Wanstrath, 2. Hannah Peterson, 3. Avra Saslow, 4. Martina Pansze, 5. Amy Katz, 6. Lily Oswald, 7. Grace Pansze, 8. Zoe Furer, 9. Elle Feilen

Beginner Male; 1. Charlie Greenberg, 3. Will Berger, 4. River Weiss, 5. Derek Pansze, 6. George McQuinn, 7. Carl Hampton, 8. Carter McQuinn

Sport Female; 2. Kaylee Blevins, 6. Emily Schaldach, 8. Elyse Massone

Sport Male; 3. Stephan Davoust, 14. Daniel Walker, 18. Devin Feilen

Expert Female; 2. Kaila Hart, 4. Joan Walker

Expert Male; 2. Tad Elliott, 4. Howard Grotts, 8. Grady James, 15. Elliott Saslow

Singlespeed Sport Female; 1. Jess Reed, 2. Annie Cheeney

Singlespeed Sport Male; 2. Levi Kurlander

Singlespeed Expert Female; 1. Sarah Tescher, 2. Kricket Lewis

Singlespeed Expert Male; 5. Chad Cheeney

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