imagesimages-1Todays AOA/DEVO SHort Track #5 will be a tribute to the great John Elway, for no reason other than pure randomness. Well, maybe just to make the race special in a Coloradan way. So in honor of the great #7, all competitors who show up wearing Bronco orange, blue or a number 7 somewhere on their race garb, get a special prize.

Now to more biker like news on the event. Cash money will be paid out to the top 5 A men and women and top 3 B men and women. A’s get 40 for 1st, 30, 20, 15 and 10 and B’s get 20 for 1st, 10 and 5 dollars. Overall series standing will be posted here later today and will be used to determine starting order. The start line will be 7 racers wide and rows will fill in 7 wide to the back. There will not be the usual $5 holeshot prime for this race. 

DEVO greatly appreciates your participation in this summer series. It has been a super positive part of the teams week and it is clear that the kids love it. Thanks for showing up and we’ll see you tonight.

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