Nice work to Alumni Tad! Here is the results
Q: Was this the biggest race you have ever done? Got any stats?

A: Yes, man was it huge. Here are some quick stats. 220 Starters. 30,000 Fans. Town Population under 1000. Start Lap plus five laps. Start hill 20% Grade.  

Q: What did you do the morning of your race? Did you see any fellow
competitors doing anything weird?

A: I woke up ate some delicious potatoes and drank some coffee. Rode my bike around for a minute in my Pajamas, then started to crank some JT to get ready to race. I only saw some weird stuff the day before the race. A whole factory team riding in a peloton being motor paced by a huge van.

Q: There were billions of people on the course cheering, did anyone scream
your name? Did you hear anything funny?

A: There were some cheers for me out there with my name in them. Mainly american women that had already raced. Nothing too funny out there. Just “Go American.” My team mate always reports back they he gets cheers like “Go OBAMA” and “YES WE CAN” all the time.

Q: How did your race go?
A: My race was awesome. I finished on the lead lap and was riding around 70’s 80’s and with one and a half laps to go, then I bonked super hard and tried to make it to the finish.

Q: What will it take to break the top 50?
A: A top 50 over in Europe will be hard. It will take some experience at being over here and knowing how to prepare for a World Cup. Maybe some more short track work outs would help. Its feels like a short track that lasts for two hours.

Q: What World Cup woman do you dig the most?
A: Oh there is no Question its Lea Davison. She went to the riser bars right before Offenberg, so she knows what is up. All the american women over here are super rad so lets hope they kill it this season.

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