The morning started like any other race morning.  I  got up early, and my sister and I had to start at 9:30.  It was unfortunately rainy, so we all crossed our fingers hoping it was snowing in the mountains, and went up to the ski area. When we got up to the ski area was when the race morning started to become unfamiliar.  Usually we nordic ski at the base of a ski area but this time we took a lift up to the top.  For this  race we were going to ski at the top of the mountain rater than the bottom.  I met up with the other guys on the team including Sepp, Gino, Haakon Samualson, and Gunther. The lift ride up was probably the worst part of the day  because we were becoming cold and wet.  Most people didn’t bring extra gloves so their fingers froze.  After we got off of the freezing lift we skied about 100 yard to reach the start area.  We did a slight warm up, and while we broke trail through 2 inches of  new wet snow.  As we got back to the start people commented on how the leader would have to break trail in a white out.  About ten minutes after we all got back the 42k race started.  Leading the race was Ben Sontag, but everyone was close behind.  Second to go was the 20k.  Rogan Brown and Lars Elefson led that race out of the start.  Gino, Sepp, Gunther, Ben, and I all prepared for our 14k race.  Out of the start Gino Pastore and Haakon Samualson led the pack.  About 3 minutes later all the youger racers left.  That rac was led by Hannah Madden and Stephanie Ogier.  During this time out on the race course Ben Sontag and our coach Josh Dailey were leading the 42k.  At the same time Rogan and lars had a large break away.  The 14k  Gino and Sepp also were leading by a lot.  The 6k was led by Hannah Madden.

After people started coming into the finish most said they had a fantastic time.  We went down to the bottom of the resort, and had a gourmet meal made by RGP’s.  During the awards ceremony Avra Saslow won a new pair of boots in a raffle and other people won fantastic prizes for placing.  I know I can’t wait for it to happen again and I bet other people feel the same way.

For complete results click the link!

-Elliott is a DEVO U-14 alumni as he will be moving up to the U-19 team for the 2009 season. Good work!

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