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“We have just met with the facilities director, grounds director and head grounds keeper and they have gotten a ton of complaints from campus goers about what was left behind from last weeks race. Rather than bicker back and forth we are taking responsibility and have agreed to do some mitigation work. This will show them that we have respect for what they work hard to maintain and what we like to play on. What they are concerned about is the mud tracks on the sidewalks (unsightly and risk management issue), some of the grass to cement transitions and some of the corners/ruts/cupping we created. FLC Grounds is marking up a map with the spots they have concerns about. So — After the race on Sunday please be prepared with regular clothes (unless you like gardening in your chamois), and one of the following: stiff brissle push broom, flat head shovel, garden rake or spade. We will walk the course and fix. Another crew will walk the course and pick up all the flagging, yet another will get the rebar/pvc. It really won’t be that much work if we get good numbers. We are getting some grass seed also and will do that where needed. In the future we will have a better pre and post muddy race contingency plan. Thanks for being a part of the CX season, see you Sunday.”  Dave Hagen

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