Trails 2000 hosts a Trailwork Party Wednesday, August 6 on Crites Connect in the Telegraph Trail System from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. Projects include drainages, lopping and additional trail maintenance.
Directions: Take College Drive East, Head South on 8th Avenue. Go 2 miles on Hwy 3 and the trailhead is on your left. Limited parking spots. The hike in is approximately 40 minutes from the trailhead.
Please sign in, grab a tool and meet us on the trail–all are welcome to attend. If you bike over, we’ll carry extra tools to the work site. Feel free to stop by after work to help out. Please wear long pants, long sleeved shirt and sturdy boots.
Thanks to everyone who camped out and worked on the Colorado Trail at Blackhawk. We appreciate the support from Pete and Lisa Turner; Nature’s Oasis; Hermosa Tours; Ernie Norris, Ted La May and especially from the hard working volunteer crew!

The point of the temporary closure of Junction Creek Road (Forest Road #171) to facilitate repair of retaining walls damaged by landslides has been moved from five miles above to 2.2 miles above the Forest boundary, due to vandalism of heavy equipment at the construction site. Forest engineers discovered the windows of an excavator smashed at the job site. To guard against further vandalism, the road is now gated shut just past the Log Chutes Trailhead.
Although Junction Creek Road is blocked to vehicular traffic at the gate closure, other forest users can travel the road until reaching the construction site. At the construction site, a one-mile section of the road will be impassable to all use until the project is completed.
The temporary closure blocks access to the Animas Overlook, Clear Creek Trailhead, South Fork Trailhead, and Champion Ventures Mine Road until August 8, 2008.
Access to the Logchutes Trail System, lower Colorado Trailhead, and Junction Creek Campground are not affected. – 970-259-4682 –

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