Hello Parents. Here is how we’re going to do this.

If you did the spring or summer jr DEVO rides, you will not need to fill out a new medical and liability forms. You need to pick a group, email annie@durangodevo.com and tell her your descision and send a check to our PO Box, listed below.

If you are new for 2008, you must print off a medical and liability release form, fill them out and send them to our Po Box. Print of the ride schedule you want. Then email Annie@durangodevo.com with your choice. 

Please take time and read the jr DEVO Fall info page to help decide which ride is right for your sweet rider.

If you have any questions on which ride to join, please contact chad@durangodevo.com or Annie. Chad will be out of the office until Aug 26th, so answers to emails will have to wait until then.

Sorry, we cannot have children in kindergarden on the first grade rides, no exceptions.

Middle school boys and girls can join the thursday advanced group with Chad.

The 20″, and 24″ wheel size group separations are the best way we can split the groups into skill levels. Typically, the smaller wheeled riders have a harder time keeping up with the bigger. 24inchers can ride in the 20inch group if that is their skill level.

The AllGirlsRide on wednesdays is for 3rd graders and up only this Fall.

All rides will be capped at 16riders and we will do our best to make it work for everyone.

Jerseys will be available mid september. No reserving, we will announce when we get them and do our best to get them to you.

The wed/friday 24 inch group is a two ride a week group

This blog is your source for all DEVO info, so check in once and awhile by clicking, to the right, on parent info and fall jr devo forms and schedules.

what-is-durango-devo1……program info

fall-devo-jr-info1……..Fall info sheet

medical-devo-jr1…….print and fill out

release-liability-copy1…..print and fill out

fall-1st-grade-monday1……6-7year old first graders

fall-20-tues-schedule1…..2nd through 4th graders

fall-advanced-tuesday-schedule1……4th through 6th graders

fall-wednesday-allgirlsride1…..3rd through 6th graders

fall-24-wedfri1……3rd through 5th graders

fall-20-thursday-sched1…..2nd through 4th graders

Send all form to Durango DEVO, 10 Town Plaza #110, DGO, CO. 81301 or hand deliver to the mail box at 3169 w3rd ave…..our home office near Animas Mountain Trail

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