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U-19 Ladies results and commentary 

Alicia Rose 19:57(pr) “i love my bike!” – Kaila 24:53(pr) “well, i was hoping to break 20, but this is a PR” – Sarah 26:36(pr) “i tried my best and that’s my best ever!” – Joan 29:55 “i can do better!” – Hannah 31:29 “i’ve been at sea level for a week!”

U-19 Men

Kyle 19:40, Chase Orrick 19:26, Howard Grotts 16:33(pr), Daniel 24:11

U-14 Girls

Hannah Q. 31:06, Elyse 32:57, Kaylee 26:12(pr), Hannah P. 31:05(pr), Martina 32:40(pr), Whitney 30:10(pr), Lily 29:49(pr), Amy 27:51(pr)

U-14 Boys

James 28:47(pr), Tucker 26:20, Levi 23:33(pr), Sepp 19:02(pr), Gino 18:19, Cully 23:47(pr), Collin 24:39, Hank 26:34, Chris 20.22(pr)

Coaches and Others

Shaun 20:38(on a touring bike), Annie 27:57, Chad 16:33(pr), Kricket 21:33 “not bad for a chick on a 32-16”

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