Day one went well for the Durango DEVO squad. After longer than expected travel due to road work, the teams were eager to hit the course for some sweet pre-ride action. Coach Chad led the first wave on the course and was excited to see a change from last years fire road descent. This year, the descent joins up with the downhill course and sends the xcers down a steep, dusty, bermed out track that really tests the skills of the young rippers. Coaches Kricket and Annie led out the second wave which saw Howard crash in the very downhill described above, and bend his derailuer hanger. Joan rode her brand new Orbea, the teams latest bike sponsor, and giggled a bunch. After all that tasty mountain air, the teams reunited in the team condo, where chef Chad cooked up spaghetti, salad, and buttered bread. Thirteen strong, the footsteps and chatter from the condo was loud with excitement after dinner. Last minute lubing, derailuer hanger bending, and testing oneanothers bikes filled the last hour of sunlight. Lights out at 10. If only it were that easy. Tomorrow brings the first event, the cross country begins at 8am. 

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