Durango DEVO’s 2nd team race of the season took place this past weekend in Nathrop, Colorado at Taff and Keith Darner’s sweet cattle ranch located in the foothills below Mt. Prinston. Friday night the team camped and had spaggetti together. The weather was pretty chilly at first, but the cold winds died down and saturday and sunday turned out to be very nice. Saturdays events consisted of cross country and mountain cross, and sunday was short track and dual slalom. There were the usual atb ups and downs, and in the end, all had a great time. DEVO’s next team race will be in June at Crested Butte.


U-19 Ladies; Alicia Rose Pastore 2nd jr Ex xc, 1st ex stxc, Hannah Madden 7th jr ex stxc, 1st jr sport xc, Joan Walker 2nd jr sport xc, 9th ex stxc, Kaila Hart 3rd jr sport xc, 10th ex stxc

U-19 Men; Chase Orrick 10th jr ex xc, 9th jr ex stxc, Howard Grotts 7th jr ex stxc, 11th jr ex xc, Kyle Horn 15th jr ex xc, 10th jr ex stxc, Joe Autry 14 jr ex xc, Daniel Walker 6th senior sport xc, Taylor Borucki 4th jr ex dual slalom, 4th jr ex mountain cross.

U-14 Boys; Gino Pastore 1st jr sport xc, 2nd jr sport stxc, Sepp Kuss 6th jr sport xc, Stephan Davoust 2nd jr beg xc, 2nd jr beg dual slalom, Collin Francom 4th jr beg xc, Chris Blevins 5th jr beg xc, Hank Stowers 6th jr beg xc, Levi Kurlander 5th jr beg stxc, 7th jr beg xc, James Shehan 8th jr beg xc, 8th jr beg stxc

Coaches; Annie Cheeney 6th sport women xc, Greg Lewis 13th pro xc, Evan Elliott 14th semipro mountain cross, 19th semipro dual slalmom, Chad Cheeney 11th singlespeed, 27th pro/semipro stxc

Friends; Alumni Tad Elliott 4th pro xc, 7th pro stxc, Alumni Ben Kraushaar 4th jr ex xc, 1st jr ex stxc, Robin Guillaume 7th xc, 2nd stxc singlespeed, Miles Venzara 7th pro xc, Michelle Stowers 3rd beg women

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