Yep, thats right, we’re Oklahoma bound. We both have landed jobs in the suburbs of OKC, OK for the summer. Annie found work at the local library, and Chad will start at a paper plant in mid june. Turns out that Durango is just too darn expensive. DEVO will continue on through the year and hopefully do just fine. Rides led by Chad and Anne will be led by the oldest rider, as of Dec 31st, on each team. Please contact chad@durangodevo if your child will be eligible to lead team practices.  April Fools!

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  1. Oh no, say it isn’t so! My Olympic dreams have been shattered! You were my only hope. I guess I’ll quit riding my bike and just play X-Box. Well, I hope the Suburbs of OKC are good for you. Of course you will have to sell your bikes and buy a Ford Excursion to drive to the mall.

    We will all miss you dearly.

    Wishing you all the best,


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