1. Wednesday, January 30th at 6pm at Rec Center, Roller Races
  2. Saturday, February 2nd at 10am at DMR, Bike Snow Slalom
  3. Saturday, Feb 2nd at 11am at Parking Lot near river, Enchanted Trail Bike Race

Roller racing is a sweet sport. Head to head for 15 minutes, on rollers, unassisted. Record is close to 11 miles. Speed record is 62mph. The Snow Slalom is a classic. Snow conditions are a big factor in this event. Russ Zimmerman has been the man to beat for a decade, on a cruiser. The Enchanted Trail is a new event for 2008. Radio Broadcast will join a sweet course designed by DEVO head coach Chad Cheeney. A time trial event, open to any two wheeled ripper, pits one man on the course at a time to lay the fastest time. Course will be mostly amazing with times landing in the 1 to 2 minute range. Good for all ages!

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