Jr DEVO Jerseys for Fall 2007 Riders and Parents

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If you did not receive a fall 2007 jrDEVO jersey for your young wippersnapper ripper, now is your chance. Here is how it will go down; email and request a size sm, med or large and a range of dates you can come and pick it up at 1015 E 5th ave. You will then receive a confirmation email. Next you ride over to 1015, east of downtown at the base of college plateau near Nature or ABC trail, walk up to the porch, look right and find the box-o-jerseys, grab the size you need, drop a 20$ in the envelope and sign your name. Thanks for being patient. Info on 2008 season will be out soon. durango_front_oct22-1.jpg Adult sized  jrDEVO supporter jerseys have not yet arrived. Soon my friends.