Alisha Rose Pastore & Taylor Borucki alishaweb.jpgtaylorweb.jpg

  • Madeline Meigs @ Blast the Mass, took the junior womens Colorado State Super D Championships by an 8 second margin,  third place was 28 seconds back.
  • Taylor Borucki @ Keystone Climax, rode to first place in the highly contested junior expert downhill category to finish out a impressive consistent season.
  • Howard Grotts @ Blast the Mass, won his first State Championship race in the junior sport field of 18. It was Howard’s first victory and he rode it well.
  • Alisha Rose Pastore @ Telluride Hill Climb, in a field of 15 professional and expert ranked adult women, she ascended to a 4th place finish. 

howardweb.jpgmaddieweb.jpgHoward Grotts @ Madeline Meigs 

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