Hi Devo families, >> I would like to help support the great program of Durango Wheelclub’s >> Devo with a gift certificate offer. For every hour long massage gift >> certificate or structural analysis certificate I will donate 25% of the >> value to Devo. >> For the many of you who don’t know who I am: I am a massage therapist >> who has worked with many top level athletes for the past twelve years, >> including the TrekVW pro mountain bike team. What I am offering to the >> advanced Devo riders is a free structural analysis and a corrective >> program. This is to identify any physical habits that will cause >> problems down the road, and change those habits now before something >> breaks, tears, or is inflamed. Rick Crawford has used this program on >> his pros for 5 years and swears by it. We have worked with the Fort >> Lewis Cycling team for the past 3 years identifying and correcting >> problems in 18 and 19 year olds, now I would like to work with the high >> school riders. >> >> The structural analysis consistent of six basic assessments of posture, >> balance, core strength, muscle flexibility, joints alignment, and >> neuromuscular function. From those tests major problems or disfunction >> will keep reappearing. That is what we tackle in the corrective phase. >> Together we go through the core exercises and the corrective program >> over six weeks so that you really feel the goals we are trying to >> achieve. With this knowledge many of the riders who have done this >> assessment in the past, can identify small problems early and correct >> them on their own before the issue becomes a big problem. >> >> With this analysis I have helped people with chronic pain in hips, >> knees, necks, shoulders, not to mention improve core strength >> dramatically so that the body is now much more stable and fewer issues >> arise in the future. >> >> My massage therapy works with your body, targeting key issues brought on >> by stress, disfunction, or injury. I utilize eastern and western >> techniques to minimize and mitigate structural problems, to improve and >> eliminate pain and disfunction. I have more than twelve years of >> experience in several massage styles such Thai (a medicinal massage from >> Thailand), Deep Tissue, Muscle Release Therapy, and Swedish. This work >> can feel like a luxury but the goal is to improve how you feel everyday. >> >> The structural analysis is $300 (for the parents; free for high school >> Devo riders) for the assessment, the findings, an exercise DVD, and 6 >> weeks of hour long workouts. My massage fee is based on $60 per hour. >> Again 25% of the value of the certificate will be donated to the Devo >> program. >> >> If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or write. Thanks for your time, and a happy new year to all. Sincerely, Chris Furer Certified Massage Therapist 970-946-2776

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