Russell the Musclecross is officially cancelled again, this time until next December. We would have seen a twenty to thirty strong field of racers all aboard klunckers, townies, tandems, and randoms, shredding and pushing during the Cruiser race. After a short intermission of hot chocolate and Shishims’ chili, the B men and women would have lined up. The race could have been good. In the B mens category, their would have been a battle for second place, being that Burtoni probably would have won again. After that, the kids race would have gone off. Nothing beats watching a bunch of dedicated jr. Devo cyclists ride around in circles. That would have been cool. Then they all would have gotten medals witch they so deserve. Then Alex would have sung the star spangled banner, and half of us wouldnt be able to tell if it was a serious moment or another DC funny. His voice could have been so perfect that day. Then fireworks would have flown and the A men and women would have taken off on their quest for whatever it is they quest for. Then we would have all hung out for a little longer than we usually do and our cheeks would have hurt. Thats probably what would have happened. Next year my friends. 

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