We’ve been hearin things lately about the off season antics of the DEVO riders. Alisha Rose Pastore, Gino Pastore, Evan Elliott, Paige Elliott, Sepp Kuss, Hannah Madden, Elliott Slaslow have been seen up at the Nordic Center, training hard and racing fast. Daniel Walker, Joan Walker, Kyle Horn, Ryler Overend, Chase Orrick, Stephan Davoust, James Shehan, Hank Stowers and John Turner have been hitting DMR hard this winter. Sepp Kuss has been on the ice playing junior hockey for the durango traveling team. Did we miss you? 

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  1. Collin Francom has also been busy both skiing and playing junior hockey. But he can hardly wait to get back on his bike after having it rebuilt and ready for a new season of crazy riding.

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