Wilderness Trails Ranch Devo Camp

Wilderness Trails Ranch Devo Camp

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Zia Taqueria/Devo mini Enduro #1

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July 31 2013 Shocker mini Enduro

B Men: 1. Conor Depew 1:17:08, 2. Chad Bobbett 1:23:93, 3. Jeremy Polanski 1:25:83, 4. Alex Defily 1:29:58, 5. Nick Girard 1:42:24, 6. Aaron McDonald

Women: 1. Brittany Clawson 1:07:00, 2. Jill Belhan 1:09:93, 3. Sarah Tescher 1:13:59, 4. Annie Cheeney 1:26:64, 5. Sarah STurm 1:32:40, 6. Cara Wood 1:32:50, 6. Caitlin Pervis 1:46:27, 7. Abby Lesting 1:53:77

A Men: 1. Colton Andersen 55:27, 2. Anthony Diaz 56:46, 3. Chad Cheeney 56:87, 4. Dylan Stucki 57:43, 5. Mint Henk 58:50, 6. Miguel Ramos 59:15, 7. Brent Weinbarger 59:37, 8. Miles Venzara 1:00:09, 9. Phil Cowan 1:01:27, 10. Grady James 1:01:77, 11. Stephan Davoust 1:03:55, 12. Nick Gould 1:03:62, 13. Joe Schneider 1:04:27, 14. Fabio When 1:06:49, 15. Peter Drury 1:06:61, 16. Alex Ward 1:07:93, 17. Boone Flynn 1:09:90, 18. Dave Hagen 1:10:99, 19. Andrew Andress 1:12:34

Most Consistant (3 runs); B-Jeremy Polanski, W-Annie Cheeney, A-Miles Venzara

Most Improved; B-Conor Depew, W- Cara Wood, A- Colton Andersen

Next Wednesday Trailwork with T2K

Following Wednesday ZIa/Devo mini Enduro #2

Next Wednesday trailwork

Following Wednesday Zia/Devo mini Enduro #3

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Animas High and DHS defend their title this Fall!

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Colorado High School League season is almost upon us! Below is some information those teams!

Yes, I know it is still summer, but it is that time of year that the coaches are beginning to plan for the Fall High School Season! Garrett, Brendan and Sarah went to a 3 day coaches/ training for the league and we are pumped to start the season. Below is some info for you guys to start planning your Fall!

Teams: stay the same/ Div II AHS and Div II Durango High(we need to have over 11 to go Div I)

Coaches: Practice coaches: Garrett and Brendan/ Race coaches: Garrett and Sarah

Practices will start Aug 26th and be every Monday and Wednesday until the the State Championships. We would like to still have these two teams practice together. But, if we get a lot more kids, we may separate them. I’m open to comments/ideas on this from the kids!

Jerseys: YES!!!! AHS has its own jersey and shorts and DHS has its own jersey. AHS jerseys are in and I’m still waiting on the DHS ones. But they promise to be here before the season starts. Unlike Devo, the whole team has to be in the same jersey when racing. Devo has scholarships available to help pay for those who need that little extra help.

Social pre-season gathering: Let’s do it!! This will be a recruitment/get together to start the season off with something fun. More info to follow, but we are thinking the first week of school.

Race Schedule:
Sept. 8th Snow Mountain Ranch/ Granby
Sept. 22 Cloud City Challenge/ Leadville
Oct 6th Peaceful Valley Invitational/ Elbert
Oct 20th Hay Meadow Challenge/ State Champs in Eagle

Lodging at Races: Most races the van will leave Saturday and return Sunday. All our drives are over 4 hours this year, so bring that homework, ipods, and a crossword puzzle. I’ve already booked a 5 bedroom cabin at Granby for Sept 7/8. This sleeps 12 peeps (but we can squeeze more on the floor!). This lodging will be racers and coaches only. There is lots of lodging available for parents a stones’ throw away. Leadville I was thinking of camping with everyone. Elbert camping with everyone and Eagle renting a team house/condo again.

Commonly asked questions:
1. Do I have to race to practice with the team? Nope.
2. Do I have to register with the league and Devo? Yes if you are a racer you will need to register with both. If you are not racing than just with Devo! League Reg dues= $50 / Devo HS Dues= $250 (includes coaching at pracs and races/ does not include gas, race fees, or lodging) Scholarships available
3. Parents at races? Of Course!! We NEED our parents to be there and volunteer out on the course, registration, etc. The Devo van will be traveling to EVERY race so as a parent you do not have to go, but are welcome! Some of the lodging will be team only and others will be group. I tried to stagger it as best I could based upon the venue, weather in that region, etc. Devo van priority will go to seniors first, juniors, soph and then fresh. We almost always have room for everyone!
4. Do I have to be in high school to practice and race? Yes. NICA has some strict rules we need to adhere to and the riders need to be IN high school. We can add homeschoolers no prob or even kids from Bayfield, Mancos, etc. but they need to be in high school.
5. Will there be a coach at all 4 races? Yes, we are committed to all four races this year. The races are fun and well…. both teams have a little bit of glory to protect ūüôā

More info will follow this, but I just wanted to plant the bug. I was registering the teams this morning and got kinda excited!!!

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National Results

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This is a little more like it…

Cross Country Results

U23 Female 

2nd Kaila Hart/ No Tubes

Cat 1 17-18/ Female 

2nd Kaylee Blevins

5th India Waller/ Ska-Zia Team

14th Emily Schaldach

Cat 1 17-18/ Male

6th Stephan Davoust

29th Levi Kurlander/ Ska-Zia Team


Cat 1 15-16/male

1st Christopher Blevins

Cat 2 15-18/ Male

13th Keenan Desplanques

20th Keiran Eagen

Cat 2 15-18/ Female

5th Sierra Trout

7th Robin Austin

Junior 13-14/ Female

2nd  Katja Freeburn

5th Camryn Sippy

Junior 6-10

10th Ivan Sippy

Pro Women

4th Teal Stetson-Lee/ Luna Chix

17th Sarah Sturm


Super D

Pro Women

1st Teal Stetson-Lee

4th Lauren Caitlyn

Pro Men

22nd Chad Cheeney

Junior Women

1st  Kaylee Blevins

4th India Waller

Junior Men

1st Christopher Blevins

Masters Women

1st Shannon Gibson/ No Tubes


Short Track

U23 Men

14th Payson McElveen

Cat 1 Juniors 15-18

1st Christopher Blevins

2nd Stephan Davoust

20th Levi Kurlander

U23 Women

14th Lauren Caitlyn

Pro Women

4th Teal Stetson-Lee

25th Sarah Sturm

Pro Men

1st Todd Wells


11 Devo podiums

17 Durango Podiums

4 Devo National Champion titles (all from Blevins duo)

7 Durango National Champion titles






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Devo rides Courage Classic

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Durango Derailers had over 120 people participate in the Courage Classic to fundraise for the Children’s Hospital this past weekend. ¬†The team raised over $50,000 so 100% of the money will stay in Durango to help Durango families with transportation and medical needs for kids coming and going from Children’s. ¬†It was a huge effort on the part of everyone and there were many Devo riders, friends and families riding. ¬†A huge thank you to Kelly Miller for all her hard efforts these past few years in growing and spear heading this team!

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City Of Durango Kids’ Triathlon this weekend!

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kids' triathlon pict

The Durango Parks and Recreation Department will host the annual Kids Triathlon at 9:00am on Saturday, July 20th. This event provides children of all ages and ability levels with a safe and unique athletic experience. Children will swim, bike and run an age-appropriate triathlon course, which begins and ends at the Durango Community Recreation Center. Early Registration is $25.00 before 6pm on Sunday, July 14th. Late registration is $30.00 until noon on Friday, July 19th. No registrations will be accepted on race day.

Check in for the event will begin at 8:00am on race day at the Durango Community Recreation Center. Bicycles must pass a safety inspection on race day and all participants must wear a helmet during the bike ride. An Ice Cream Social, sponsored by Albertsons, will follow the event.
All children will receive a T-shirt, medal, certificate, and will receive free admission to the Triathlon Training Clinics offered the week of the event.

Age / Swim / Bike / Run / Start Time
5-6 / 50 yards / 1 mile / ¬ľ mile / 9:00am
7-8 / 100 yards / 5 K (3.1 mi) / 1 K (.6 mi) / 9:30am
9-10 / 100 yards / 5 K (3.1 mi) / 1 K (.6 mi) / 10:00am
11-12 / 200 yards / 10 K (6.2 mi) / 2 K (1.2 mi) / 10:30am

Participants may register at the Durango Community Recreation Center or online at https://web.durangogov.org.

For more information, contact Chelsea Fahey at (970) 375-7312 or via email at faheyca@ci.durango.co.us





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From Chad at Nationals

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Tomorrow is the big day for Devo u19ers! ¬†We have racers racing everyday from Thursday to Sunday at the National Championship in Pennsylvannia. ¬†Below is Chad’s (u19 and Swet Elite team manager) night before email. ¬†Go Chad!!! ¬†And go team!!!!

Its a classic race in a classic place. Head to Aztec, NM for a good time this weekend!

1130 Race start for Keenan, Will, Keiran, Sierra and Robin race Cat 2 15-18
General Info
I will be there to feed for all of ya’ll. Please have a bottle with your name on it. I also have Tailwind in the back of the Devo van if you want some. Please dial in your bikes tonight. Course is rad right! Make sure to stay calm and breath in all those techy rock gardens. Look ahead, pick a line and fully commit, then move on and prepare for the next section. Talk to your competitors and get to know them as best ya can during the weekend. Shake hands after your race.
Remember to smile and have fun out there. This is something that will be remembered for the rest, or most of your lives. We are lucky humans to be able to do what we are doing this weekend. Call your parents and tell em ya love em.
Go Devo!
http://www.usacycling.org/ -check out Keenan!
Peace Out! Chad
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Exploring on Bikes

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Fall Explorers will be broken into two groups again: 10-13 and 14-18. Both groups meet on Tuesdays 4-6 at Buckley Park. Each group will go on SEPARATE trips this Fall so that we can meet the needs of each age group and have more amazing adventures!!

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