Tad's First German World Cup

Tad's First German World Cup

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DEVO alumni Tad Elliott just completed his most massive World Cup to date in finishing 138th of 180 in Offenburg, Germany for round 2 of the World Cup XC series. Here are the results and story.

Q: Did you know anybody around you at the start line? What was that like?
A: I did know one person, I was near Barry Wicks. He was easy to spot since he was about a foot taller than anyone else around us. I also met Kris Sneedon on the start line and we started right next to each other. It was nice to see some friendly faces amidst a sea of Euros with their game faces on.
Q: How did the first 5 minutes of the race go for you? Describe the feeling of being in that massive pack of hammers on the start.
A: The start really is crazy. The first five minutes for me were tough. I managed to stay upright which was goal number one. The feeling of being in massive pack of hammers was GRIPPED. There is a lot of dust you can’t see that well and you are trying to pass guys. It was intense, but now I know to stay relaxed and go with the flow.

Q: How did you finish?
A: I finished well started to move up the last couple of laps and came in 138th. I was more pumped that I did not crash or flat or walk any decents.

Q: Was there anything techy on the course that messed with you?
A: Yes. There is this 90 degree left turn off a log drop into super steep roots and ruts and then another flat 90 degree loose gravel turn to a rock drop off with hay bails on both sides for protection. The first day a girl crashed crazy hard infront of me and I could not get that image out of me head. On race day there were probably 1000 spectators there with huge speakers blasting music and a guy was anouncing over the loud speaker who you were and what country you were from before you dropped in. There was a little NASCAR vibe with people wanting to see some CARNAGE.
Q: Who is your favorite German World Cuper? Besides Sontagg.
A: Sabine Spitz she won gold at the Olympics last year. Getting to see her race and hearing the cheers of the crowd when she would came by was pretty cool. The loudest I have ever heard fans at a bike race.  

Yeah Tad!

Yeah Tad!


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Telegraph Hill Climb Video

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Once a month, the Durango DEVO U-14 and 19 teams do a time trial in the Horse Gulch Region. The footage is from team DEVO’s first test of the summer season. By Coach Chad Cheeney

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South Rim Duathlon

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This weekend, the South Rim Duathlon takes place here in Durango. The first part is the sweet run up Sale Barn Canyon trail with the Big Canyon trail back to the start finish. The Mountain bike is next with the same loop and more, the Big Canyon downhill finish is a classic. If you would like to help and volunteer for the event, contact Rick Callies at 375-7308 or calliesra@ci.durango.co.us.

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Jr DEVO Rocks

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Yep, it true, Jr DEVO rocks pretty hard. The season is in the half way week right now and skills are improving every ride. If you see em’ out on the track, say “what up.”

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DEVO Telegraph Time Trial Results for April

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Friday April 24th

U-19 Ladies; Kaila 22:38, Hannah M. 27:22, Alicia Rose 20:54, Joan 27:26

U-19 Men; Kyle 20:36, Elliott 19:03, Taylor 19:07, Howard 16:46, Gino 17:58, Sepp 19:53, Nick 26:08, Stephan 22:51

U-14 Girls; Whitney 28:50, Martina 29:29, Kaylee 31:33, Amy 27:32, Hannah P. 27:44, Avra 26:59, Lilly 27:00

U-14 Boys; Shane 32:28, River 32:17, Devin 29:47, Will 31:42, Haakon 20:39, Christopher 20:38, Collin 23:41, Carl 46:40, Hank 23:17, Levi 22:35, Cully 23:23, James dnf, Keenan 34:16, Derek 27:04

Coaches and Helpers; Kricket 25:17, Annie 25:53, Evan 21:59, Lars 17:13, Chad 18:26

Last Years Results

More Old Times

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Alien Run Results and Photos

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Women Overall; 1. Tina Dominic, 2. Kaila Hart, 3. Kricket Lewis, 4. Annie Cheeney, 5. Mary Monroe

Men Overall; 1. Ben Sonntag, 2. Travis Brown, 3. Cale Redpath, 4. Joey Thompson, 5. Chad Wells

Jr Expert Girls; 1. Kaila Hart, 2. Lilly Oswald

Jr Expert Boys; 1. Elliott Saslow, 2. Kyle Horn

Jr Sport Boys; 1. Chris Blevins, 2. Stephan Davoust, 3. Devin Feilen, 4. Riley Wanzak, 5. River Weiss

Jr Sport Girls; 1. Hannah Madden, 2. Joan Walker, 3. Kaylee Blevins

Jr Beginner Girls; 1. Whitney Wanstrath, 2. Hannah Peterson, 3. Emily Schaldach

Jr Beginner Boys; tied for 3rd. Will Berger, Shane Ellis, and Keenan Desplanques

Coaches; Annie Cheeney 2nd Expert Women, Kricket Lewis 1st Singlespeed Women, Chad Cheeney 7th Expert men

Moms and Friends; Julie Feilen 1st sport veteran women, Dana Desplanques 3rd, Robin Guillaume 2nd Singlespeed Men, and Bob Davoust sport veteran men.

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Women's MTB Clinics This Weekend

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Durango DEVO’s Sarah Tescher and Elke Brutsaert bring you DEVO moms and local ladies a monthly skills sesh to spice up you spring rides. The first one is this saturday from 9am to 1pm. You can register online at durangomountainbikecamp.com or at Mountain Bike Specialists. These two local shred legends will definitely treat you right.  womansmtbposter

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Fruita Fhotos

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 All Pics by Jeanne Pastore, Gino and Alicia’s mom.

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Fruita Results

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Dale’s Pale Ale Time Trial,  3miles

U-14 girls; 1. Kaylee Blevins 24:04, 2. Avra Saslow 26:32, 3. Amy Katz 26:35, 4. Hannah Quick 35:59(flatted and ran to the line)

U-14 boys; 1. Chris Blevins 20:52, 3. Cully Brown 23:14, 5. Charlie Greenberg 27:00, 6. River Weiss 29:28, 7. Keenan Desplanques 29:58, 8. Devin Feilen 30:32, 9. Harrison Quick 39:09

Cat 2 girls 15-18; 1. Hannah Madden 25:17, 2. Joan Walker 27:53

Cat 2 boys 15-18; 1. Elliott Saslow 19:58, 2. Haakon SIgerslid 20:19, 6. Hank Stowers 22:49, 7. Levi Kurlander 23:45, 8. Stephan Davoust 25:30

Cat 1 girls 15-18; 1. Alicia Rose Pastore 20:43

Cat 1 boys 15-18; 2. Gino Pastore 18:04, 3. Sepp Kuss 18:39

Coaches; Cat 2 womem, 2nd Annie Cheeney 25:28, singlespeed women, 1st Jess Reed 21:53, pro men 13th, Chad Cheeney 17:10, 5th Travis Brown 16:11.

full tt results

full xc results

Pro Men XC Race Video

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DEVO Does Fruita

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The weekend started off with a bang. On friday evenings’ team preride on the time trial course, DEVO U-19er Summer Ellefson fell and dislocated her elbow badly. The evacuation led into the darkness as we had to walk her out of the singletrack to the awaiting four wheelers. Local doctor and DEVO parent Field Blevins happened to be in the area preriding and came to help. U-14 Elliott Saslow rounded up a group of 4wheelers to help. Coach Kricket was on hand as well to give her athlete a hand to squeeze. They arrived back to camp at 10pm.

Summer was super tough and after getting back to camp at 2am, was awake rallying her teamates for the days task. Saturday mornings’ Time Trial went well for DEVO. Taking wins in 5 of the 6 junior categories. Elliott Saslow, Chris Blevins, Alicia Rose Pastore, Kaylee Blevins, Hannah Madden took wins. It was the first mtb race ever for Charlie Greenberg, River Weiss, Keenan Desplanques, Devin Feilen, and Harrison Quick. DEVO U-19er Alicia Rose Pastore won the Cat 1 15-18 ladies by over 2 minutes as her brother Gino placed second, with sidekick Sepp Kuss in 3rd in the cat 1 15-18 boys.

After a couple hours of post race fun riding and eating and resting, the team geared up to pre ride the next days track. After a brief lesson in race starts, the teams split up into groups and took off. Local Olympian Travis Brown took the older DEVO members out on course and taught them the art of riding fast with a big beard. Coaches Jess, Annie and Chad rode with the U-14, 19 girls and boys on the race loop and had a nice banana break on the slickrock section. Saturday night the team camped out under the stars in Rabbit Valley, a huge bonfire and a speech by Coach Chad helped the kids stay up a little later than usual on a night before the first cross country race of the season.

Sunday morning the U-14 boys and girls were awakened to a last minute course change that had everyone in a frenzy. The DEVO team stayed calm and went with the flow. After several wrong turns and confusing intersections, Chris Blevins crossed the line in first place for the boys and sister Kaylee another victory for the family. Kaylees teammates Amy Katz and Avra Saslow finished 2nd and 3rd behind.

In the Cat 2 boys and girls races, Elliott Saslow took 2nd place, his best cat 2 finish to date. While teammates Haakon Sigerslid and Stephan Davoust went 4,5. Hannah Madden and Joan Walker continued their Cat 2 domination from last year and went 1,2.

The Cat 1 race course was a grueling, technical 28 mile popsicle style loop, that with the mid day heat, was going to be a tough first race of the season. Team DEVO handled it in stride.

The Cat 1 boys took 3,4 and 5th place in the super competitive boys race. Gino Pastore, Howard Grotts and Sepp Kuss are young, but they proved that they belong. In the Girls race, Alicia Rose Pastore was leading by 4minutes untill the 2mile to go mark and flatted. The flat fix took longer than expected and she rolled in in 4th place. Teammate Kaila Hart, who drove in for the race the morning of, fresh off a late night after prom school party, battled it out in the heat and flatted twice and finished 6th.  Coach Kricket Lewis was out on course feeding the ladies and encouraging each athlete as they passed. DEVO alumni Joe Schneider raced in his first pro category race and finished 21st.

The Durango DEVO team travels to races as a team throughout the summer season. Coaches and helpers come with and the group camps out or stays in team condos. The goal of the team race is to teach the kids how to manage themselves at a race weekend. Their next team race is the local Alien Run Race in Aztec, New Mexico.

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FLC Uniforms

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Support the FLC Cycling Team
FLC Cycling Team Clothing is 40% off through May 1st at the FLC Bookstore in the College Union Building on the FLC Campus. The selection of items is huge: Water/Wind proof thermal and rain jackets, long sleeve jerseys, women’s and men’s short sleeve jerseys, women’s and men’s bib and non-bib shorts, thermal bib tights, arm and leg warmers, socks, hats, t-shirts and hoodies.  A portion of the proceeds go to the cycling team in it’s endeavor to win yet another National Championship at Collegiate Road Nationals, May 8-10 in Fort Collins, CO.
For more info on the FLC Cycling Team check out: http://cycling.fortlewis.edu

For more info on the sale or to purchase by phone, contact: Tammy Hendrix, 970-247-7497, hendrix_t@fortlewis.edu

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