Purgatory Challenge MTB Race Results

Purgatory Challenge MTB Race Results

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Looked like a sweetly classic high country race, here are the results.

Mountain bike racing makes it back to the hills of Durango Mountain Resort this saturday with the Purgatory Challenge. The mtb race is part of an endurance triathlon, running, kayaking and mtbiking, that can be done individually, as a team or each event separately. The mountain bike race is a 50 mile route using Hermosa, Jones and DMR trails. Registration is $85 and more info can be seen here.

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Telegraph Hill Climb Results

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Friday June 12th, 2009

U19 Boys: Howard 16:02, Chase 19:28, Taylor 20:10, Elliott 20:00, Sepp 19:07, Stephan 23:33, Gino 18:24

U19 Girls: Alicia Rose 20:32, Joan 24:36, Kaila 21:28

U14 Girls: Whitney 27:43, Kaylee 23:44, Amy 24:44, Avra 26:22, Hannah P. 26:38, Elysee 28:32, Emily 25:25, Lily 29:06

U14 Boys: Levi 20:25, Cully 23:15, Hank 23:57, Chris 20:16, Collin 20:37, James 25:26, Keenan 30:08, Zach 31:22, Charlie 27:08, Shane 30:00, George 33:23, Will 31:41, River 29:52, Harrison 34:35

Coaches and Friends: Evan 23:22, Annie 26:38, Chad 17:32, Kricket 23:08, Lars 18:15

Past Results

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DEVO Athletes in Action

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This weekend, DEVO coaches and athletes will be on the road, headed for the front range. Coach Kricket Lewis will be taking the u19 ladies team to Colorado’s big time mountain bike race in Colorado Springs. The event is part of the USCup series and will play host to the nations top professional racers. U19 dude, Gino Pastore will be tagging along with the dudettes to take on the Cat 1 15-18 field. Alica Rose Pastore, Kaila Hart, Hannah Madden and Joan Walker will be racing in the Cat 1 and 2 races to gain some big time race experience. Go DEVO.

Fort Collins Bike Fest Polo Tournament is drawing 6 DEVO coaches away from Durango, as they look to keep their spot on the top of the mountain region polo scene. The Durango Malletheads, consisting of coaches Scott Shishim, Jon Bailey, Brenden Shafer and Chad Cheeney, are the defending champions from the Lyons Can Cup earlier this spring and Buff PleasureDome, consisting of coaches Annie Cheeney, Jess Reed and two other local ladies, are attending to become the first all girls team to hit the pitch in a Colorado polo tourney. The action begins saturday morning with round robin seeding and a championship bracket to follow in the afternoon. Teams from all over Colorado will be in attendance and large crowds are expected as the tourney is a part of a long list of cycling action taking place at Fossil Creek Park. Go DEVO.

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AOA/DEVO Short Track #1 Results

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June 10, 2009


B Men; 1.Cody Wilderman, 2. Elliott Saslow, 3. Chris Blevins, 4. Matt Phillips, 5. Collin Francom, 6. Stephan Davoust, 7. Cully Brown, 8. James Shahan, 9. Jeff Vearling, 10. George McQuin, 11. Zach Mickelson

B Women; 1. Annie Cheeney, 2. Kaylee Blevins, 3. Emily Schaldach, 4. Avra Saslow

Kids Race; 1. Carter MsQuin, 2. Quinn Simmons, 3. Clay Mickelson, 4. Colby Simmons, 5. Taylor Mickelson

A Men/Women; Cancelled due to lightning

Next race; same bat place, same bat time

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DEVO Welcomes Guest Rider From Texas

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This years national championships mtb race in Sol Vista, Colorado is bringing in some young superstars to the state for some extra training. 13 year old Luke Allen is here in Durango for 2 weeks to prepare for the extra demands the elevation will place on him in the 13-14 cross country race in late July. Luke recently did well in a pro tour race in Alabama. Here’s his post race interview. In two weeks another rider from Steamboat Springs will be tagging along with the U-19 boys team to have a good time and get in some training.

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AOA/DEVO Short Track Tonight

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Its raining and its pouring. Tonights short track race is looking like cancellation as of now. An official call will be made right here by 2pm. There is a course option that might work, utilizing the roads around the factory trails. Stay tuned.

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Ladies MTB Clinic on Saturday

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DEVO founder and pro racer, Sarah Tescher will be leading another sweet ladies bike clinic this saturday with fellow honchette, Elke Brutsaert. The clinic begins at Mountain Bike Specialists at 9am and will go until 1pm. The clinic will cover bike fit and technical riding. The clinic is open to all abilities and fun is the name of the game. Go to durangomountainbikecamp.com for more info, or just call Sarah at 779-8480 for tons of sweet cycling information.

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Davoust 3rd in NYC

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U19 er Stephan Davoust place third in last weekends Highbridge All-City race in New York city. Stephan was there on summer vacation visiting relatives and rented a bike to compete in the unique race. At 14 years old, Davoust rode to a strong finish in the 15-18 category, his closest competitor in age was 17. Check out the results here.

Check out his photos here

Q: What was the course like? Any stairs or city things?

A:ya there were 5 flights of stairs to desend and 1 flight to run up


Q:What was your rental like compared to your own race steed?

A:I really liked the rental. i liked the rental alot more than my current bike becase it had better components.


Q: How did your race go?



Q: What was your best move during the race?

A:passing a guy going down a sketchy rock section


Q: Did you pick up on any interesting differences or similarities between our two far away riding cultures?

A:In New Jersey 29er ridgid single speeds are the way to go. 


Q: What else did you do on your vacation?

A:Saw Statue of Liberty and walked around NYC alot and there were alot of tall buildings

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Trails 2000 Membership Picnic Wednesday

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Yep, that means it’s summer. This wednesday night at the Durango Rec center amphitheater, Trails 2000 will hold its annual membership picnic. Zia, Bread, Coke and Carvers will be the feast. The event is a chance to learn about the organization, sign up, and learn of upcoming trail work dates. It all begins at 4:30.

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Summer Junior DEVO Dates

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Registration will open here on monday, June 22nd.

Starting July 6th-27th


Kindergartners Tuesday 8-9:30am

1st Grade and advanced off road Kindergartners Monday 8-10am

20inch Ride Tuesday 8-10am

24inch Ride Tuesday 8-10am

24/26inch Advanced Ride Wednesday 8-11am


We will cap the kindergarten and 1st grade rides at 16 per group. We cant

reserve spots, sorry.


All summer groups are $65 for 4 rides

The 24/26 advanced is $95 for 4 3 hour rides and will cover bike

maintenance, trail stewardship and wheelies.

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