Cross Season News

Cross Season News

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Sunday, Nov. 1– FLC NightCross – FLC Stadium 

Sunday, Nov. 8 – Dolores – Joe Rowell Park 

Sunday, Nov. 15 – Cortez

Saturday, Nov. 21 – Aztec

Sunday, Nov. 22 – Durango – Santa Rita Park 

Saturday, Dec. 5 – Russell the Musclecross – Buckley Park 

Sunday, Dec. 6 – Series Finals – FLC Stadium 



There will be three different start times:

Men A/40+


Men B/Open Women


We have some great sponsors this year that are helping us bring it up a notch: Animas Orthopedics/Rivergate Sports Medicine and Durango Coca-Cola are the presenting sponsors with many more helping to make it possible (flyer out soon).


PRACTICES: Wednesdays at 12noon


That for the first few weeks as later in the day conflicts with Football. Once you know the course you may practice at any time, just be aware in high traffic/paved sections. If the football team is using its whole practice area then avoid that part of the course (you can figure out a way do the barriers without conflicting). There is also baseball/softball/soccer and club sports using the area later in the day – it’ll be tough until November.




I have marked a ~ 6min. course starting at the softball complex toward Dirks Field (Soccer-East) then heading left (north). Orange flags mark the apex of turns 95% of the time – the other 5% they are there to give a long straightaway reference. When there are 2 and 3 flags it is a hairpin and/or in an area without a tree to mark the turn.

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Durango Little 500

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This wednesday night will be the Durango Little 500 track bike fun race to benefit the Volunteers of America. Registration is 5pm at the Fort Lewis College track. Teams of 4 race around the track using team tactics to win the ultimate prize, fun. This is a fun family event and all types of bikes are welcomed. Check out the DWC blog for the scoop.

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AOA Super Summer Short Track Series Finals Results

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September 9th, 2009

Animas Orthopedic Associates/DEVO Short Track Series #12

B Men; 1. Chris Blevins, 2. Harrison Brown, 3. Levi Kurlander, 4. Elliott Saslow, 5. Bill Linder, 6. Adrian Balsara, 7. Stephan Davoust, 8. James SHahan, 9. Keenan Desplanques, 10. Will Berger, 11. Derek Pansze, 12. George McQuinn, 13. Devin Feilen

A Women; 1. Kaylee Blevins, 2. Annie Cheeney, 3. Lynda Berger

A Holeshot; Chris Blevins

Kids Race; Quinn, Carter, Brady, Sabina, Colby, Ivan

A Women; 1. Krista Park, 2. Tina Dominic, 3. Alicia Rose Pastore

A Men; 1. Rotem Ishay, 2. Matt Shriver, 3. Joey Thompson, 4. Ben Sonntag, 5. Trevor Downing, 6. Lars Ellefson, 7. Greg Carpenter, 8. Cale Redpath, 9. Miles Venzara, 10. Scott Simmons, 11. Bryce Gordon, 12. Brendan Shafer, 13. Chad Cheeney, 14. Miles Smith, 15. Gaige Sippy, 16. Greg Lewis, 17. Lucas Perez, 18. Colton Anderson, 19. Grady James, 20. Joe Burtoni, 21. Robert Jones, 22. Gino Pastore, 23. Harrison Brown, dnf, Dustin Wantstrath, Adrian Balsara

A Holeshot; Greg Carpenter

past results

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Durango Wheel Club Champs

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The DWC championships are looking at day 2 after wednesdays mountain bike time trial in the gulch. The full results are on their blog at Thursdays stage is set for road bike time trialing out and back on La Posta road. Then Saturday mornings road race is new for 2009 and looks to be burly. And to finish it off, sunday will see a classic criterium out at Mercy Medical.

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AOA Super Short Track Series Finals Tonight

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Tonight is the final local short track of the season for us, so come check it out. Same times, same place at the factory trails at the sweet campus of Fort Lewis College. Sign up is at 515 and the B race starts things off at 530. the kids race is at 6pm and the A race finishes off the season at 630pm. This race will be brought to you by the DEVO and FLC development programs.

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Jr DEVO Registration is Closed

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Hello there. Jr DEVO fall registration is officially closed. The season is underway and the kids are allright. If you missed your chance, please be ready for spring DEVO in March of 2010 as the season begins in April. If you are looking for a schedule for a fall ride group, please look to the top of the links to the right for Fall Jr DEVO forms and ride schedules. Have a nice day.

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AOA/DEVO Short Track #12 Postponed

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Sorry to make late changes, but this wednesdays short track has been postponed until the following wednesday, September the 9th. As the series finals, it has been coined the AOA Super Summer Short Track Series Finals. It will be ran by a combined effort from Fort Lewis College and DEVO athletes. Registration is at 5pm with the B race starting at 530. The kids race begins at 6pm with the A race to finish off the season at 630pm. There will be cash payouts in the A categories and prizes for the B’s and Kids racers. See you then and thanks.

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Tad Elliott is in Austrailia

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Alumni Tad Elliott is off to Austraila for the next week as he prepares for fidays U23 World Championship cross country race. Tad is there with fellow Durangoan Todd Wells to represent in the world scene. Here is Tad’s latest update.

Flight went well economy plus on the isle with no one next to me. I slept for 7:30 hours straight no sleeping pill. Woke up ate some food then took another 1:30 nap. I had so much food I did not even eat the airplane food. Very Nice. Course is good with a lot of single track and tons of option lines with jumps over ditches, drops, and fun stuff.  It is a lot like Colorado trails. I hope to do well. Colin Cares and I are roommates.  Hotel room is so swank. Two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, big flat screen TV, movie channels, two bathrooms and showers, plus our own laundry. So nice. Food set up is rad. Walk downstairs and there is 4 star restaurant preparing our meals. We see tons of Cockatiels and Parrots flying around, Kangaroo dead on the side of the road, I have not seen a live one yet but I hope to soon. It is very cold and windy here. Thermal stuff like spring in Colorado. Talk to you more when there is something cool to report.


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Chase Orrick Interview

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Chase Orrick has graduated from the program. He will be missed and is on a mission to be a pro filmer at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Chase was on the first DEVO team in 2006 and won 2 overall series Super Downhill Championships while racing. He also shot and produced 2 full length bike films documenting the 2007, 08 DEVO race seasons, as well as working for IDTV in 2008, making monthly 2 minute short films that updated the community on the happenings of DEVO. Keep up the hard work Chase and have fun in college!

Chase Orrick has graduated from the program. He will be missed and is on a mission to be a pro filmer at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Chase was on the first DEVO team in 2006 and won 2 overall series Super Downhill Championships while racing. He also shot and produced 2 full length bike films documenting the 2007, 08 DEVO race seasons, as well as working for IDTV in 2008, making monthly 2 minute short films that updated the community on the happenings of DEVO. Keep up the hard work Chase and have fun in college!

Q: How did you first here about the DEVO program and what did you expect?
A:Well I first actually heard about the program through Ben Kraushaar’s mom. My mom was an orthodontist assitant at the time and Ben’s Mom happened to come into the office one day. Ben’s mom mentioned the program and gave me Chad Cheeney’s phone number. I gave Chad a ring and had a little informal meeting with him and joined the team at that time. I really didn’t know what to expect from the program, especially since this was the first year Durango DEVO was around. But it was amazing. I think there were like 9 kids on the team or something like that so it was SUPER sweet!

Q: What is the most bestest skill you learned while training with DEVO?
A: Probably just learning how to be all around a good rider. The program really emphasizes the importance of being good at everything on every kind of terrain. That’s super key to being a strong racer, being all around good at everything. Being a great descender wont win you a race, nor will just being a great climber. You have to be both in order to succeed in racing.

Q: What has been you favorite day of practice? And what makes it stand out?
A:Oh man, that’s a difficult question for sure. They all were favorites, there are definitely some that stand out. If I had to pick one night out of any I actually am going to pick the night that I shot Chad’s Movie Segment for my first Film, Durango DEVO. I know that it wasn’t really a practice and I was filming instead of riding but that night still stands out hugely in my mind. Chad was shredding hogsback apart over and over again, and I was just in awe of Chad’s skill and control. Then Chad proceeded to hit pretty much every jump up on powerlines on his singlespeed hardtail with the seat fully raised. I was just so excited because a segment that I really really wanted to come together ended up being better than I could have ever hoped.

Q: How about race results, What has been your biggest accomplishment?
A: I’ve pretty stoked on my 2 Mountain States Cup Super D Series Championships that I won in 2007 and 2008. And also in 2008 I got 3rd Place at the National Round in Dear Valley for Junior Super D which was sweet because the field was STACKED with fast dudes.

Q: If you could have one bike for the rest of your life, what would that be?
A: I would definitely have to say my Tomac Carbide SL. It’s a way sweet bike and Tomac has really helped me out this year by letting my ride for them. It’s just a great all around bike that does just about everything well. I love it and thanks to Joel Smith over at Tomac for all the help and support this year.

Q: You made two killer films about DEVO during your time on the team. Is filmmaking something you are going to keep on pursuing? Will you shoot another for us in the far off future?
A: I’m actually going to school for film so I”m definitely trying to pursue it for my career. I just really love everything about filming from shooting to editing to finally seeing the finished product up on the big screen. As far as shooting further stuff with DEVO I would love to. With how busy I was getting ready for college this year I wasn’t able to make another DEVO film, but who knows, I”ll be back in future summers and would love to shoot some more 😀

Q: What classes are you taking this semester? Have you had time yet to sample the local singletrack.
A: I’m taking some film classes right now as well as some Communications Classes mainly. All stuff thats going towards my major as a Film Studies Student. I actually haven’t had a chance yet to sample very much singletrack. I’m going for a ride this weekend though with the ‘ol Mountain States Cup Crew that lives up here in Boulder. It’s awesome seeing all these kids who live in boulder that I have raced with for years now over the circuit. They have been awesome so far in showing me around and letting me know the best spots to shred. 

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