DEVO to Offer Summer Camps at DMR

DEVO to Offer Summer Camps at DMR

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Durango Mountain Resort will play host to DEVO’s early August summer mountain bike camps. Aimed at ages 7-12, and open to all skill levels, the camps will cover everything mountain biking and will be lead by former DEVO athletes and current coaches. Please check the Jr. DEVO page above for more information or call Sarah at 779-8480 to sign up.

The Devo/DMR  camp will be offered twice, August 2-6th and 9-13th The camp is for ages 7-12 years old.  Kids must have own bike and helmet (Devo does have some loaners).  The camp runs from 9-3pm with transportation on the DMR buses from downtown Durango (bikes loaded on Devo racks).

Groups:  Kids will be placed in groups based upon ability (beg/int/adv) Typical Day:, 9 am Groups meet and drop off lunches, 9:15 Talk about the day events, 9:30 Skill Sesh in base area (film kids to show later), 10:30 Snack, 10:45 Ride chair 4 to access more trails, 12 lunch together at base area, 1 Bike Maintenance seminar, 2:30 Show video of kids from skill sesh

Other camp activities include; special guest appearances, gravity skill sesh, bike fit, trail building, family ride for int/ advanced with shuttle support on the classic five star Hermosa Trail.

$225 for one week to register go to

Reg fee includes: 4:1 coaching both in the DMR Bike Park and on the mountain utilizing the chairlift (camp 9-3, but Devo coaches will be on the buses with the kids) videoing for skill development, one week of lift access, free transport to and from downtown to DMR (bike transport as well) Not included:  lunch, snack, equipment (bike, helmet, camelback, etc.)

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Gino in Fruita

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U19er Gino Pastore demonstrates how to get your body into it in high speed motorcycle whoops. These pictured in Fruita are a lot alike the Road Apple Rally race track.

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DEVO Athletes Scortch the Squawker

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DEVO alumni Tad Elliott and current DEVO strongman, Howard Grotts took victories in last weekends local road slugfest, Tad winning the Pro1-3  race and Howard the Cat 4-5. Check out the results here on the Durango Wheel Club website. Each rider rode to victory by taking the hill climb up the front hill on the final laps. Congratulations fellas.

4/25/10 Coca Cola Road Race

Open Women
1 Shontelle Pierce Colavita NM
2 Betsy Richards Strawberry Field Trips
3 Holly Sharp Durango Wheel Club
4 Lauren Taylor Irish Embassy
5 Martha Iverson Durango Wheel Club
6 Meredith Mapel Coca Cola
Men 4/5
1 Howard Grotts Durango DEVO
2 Eric Malone Durango Wheel Club
3 Dale Kneller Durango Wheel Club
4 Joel Richards JS Media
5 Paul Adams N/A
6 Chris Grolefer Durango Wheel Club
7 Eric Burris Durango Wheel Club
8 Robert Montgomery Durango Wheel Club
9 Andrew Ferguson Directory Plus
10 Steve Ilg Durango Wheel Club
11 Reid Ackerman Great Divide
12 Daniel Penner N/A
13 David Blake N/A
14 Walt Axthelm Durango Wheel Club
15 Don Mapel Durango Wheel Club
Men Pro/1/2/3
1 Tad Elliot Sho Air
2 Neil Coleman Bahati
3 Dan Bowman Kelly Benefit Strategies
4 Chris Wherry Rocky Mtn. Chocolate Factory
5 Joey Thompson Mtn. Bike Specialists
6 Erick McAlister N/A
7 Erick Carlson Tessier
8 John Delacy Durango Wheel Club
9 Michael Carroll Durango Wheel Club
10 Lee Rosenthal Rocky Mtn. Chocolate Factory
11 Brendan Shafer Wooly Mammoth
12 Lars Ellefson Maple Pursuit
13 Steve Koller Colavita NM
DNF Anthony Colby Jelly Belly
DNF Grant Berry Rocky Mtn. Choclate Factory
DNF Gaige Sippy Iron Horse Bicycle Classic
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Durango Professional Cyclist

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These past two weeks Durango’s professional cyclists have been packing the podium at events all over the world. Nick Gould taking the fastest 2 lap times at the 12 Hours of Gallup. Todd Wells winning the Sea Otter short track. Trevor Downing won the Tour of Socorro cross country. Willow Koerber just placed 2nd at the first World Cup while Todd was the US’s top finisher at 19th place. Benn Sonntagg took the top spot at the Rabbit Valley Rally and Durango’s Jenn Gersbach, Teal Stetson-Lee and Shannon Gibson went 2,3 and 5 in the pro women’s race. Andy Shultz won the 50 mile Whiskeytown race in Prescott on saturday. Then on the rode, Allister Ratcliff and Rotem Ishay each won a stage in the FLC Squawker classic. FLC’s Sarah Sturm rode to 3rd in the road race. Then Chris Wherry took 4th in the open mens race around the FLC Campus, on the top step was non other than DEVO alumni Tad Elliott. Earlier in the day, DEVO’s current fast man, Howard Grotts rode away from the Cat4/5 field and took the win. And Darian Harvey placed 9th at the first ProGRT in Washington. Finally Carmen Small took the pro womens omnium at the Roadrunner Classic in Albuquerque, after winning last week’s Sea Otter. Dang.

Cycling Videos on CyclingDirt

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Rabbit Valley Rally and DEVO

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This past weekend 18 Durango DEVO U19,14 athletes, 2 coaches and 25 parents and siblings took to the Rabbit Valley Rally mountain bike race in Fruita Colorado. Camping in a soccer field sized gravel parking lot in Rabbit Valley rec area, the team pre rode the time trial course on friday, raced the time trial saturday morning, prerode the cross country course on saturday afternoon, had a team dinner at The Hot Tomato later that night, and raced the cross country early the following morning.

Highlights from the weekend

*In saturday mornings time trial, the Devo team won five of the six junior categories, with Chris Blevins, Haakon Sigerslid, Alicia Rose Pastore, Kaylee Blevins and Avra Saslow. The course started with a gradual rolling climb, that lead to a rutted motorcycle trail traversing the Rabbit Valley cliff line. At its peak, the track falls downhill, fast and rocky with 3 technical sections. It ends with rolling motorcycle whoops.

*The Devo cross country course preride later that afternoon was HOT. A group or 13 DEVO U14 and 19ers took off to ride the Junior Under 14 course as the longer courses would have left the team pummeled for tomorrows competition. The team bypassed the turnoff for the Junior course and took a even shorter turnoff. On the way back, all 13 DEVO riders and coaches managed to not pinch flat on the notorious killer cattle guard, a first for a Devo group in the 3 years competing there. In the end, the athletes “kind-of” knew the course.

*Later that evening, the squad carpooled into Fruita and headed to former Durango resident and pro cyclist owned restaurant, the Hot Tomato. The 25 parents and riders and kids ate, 7 huge pizzas, and numerous salads. U14 rider Chase Seivert brought along his unicycle and did his best tricks on a post dinner town walk, that led to some serious freestyle walking, and the team headed back to their campsite for a team meeting and schwag-fest. It was advised to drink plenty of water and get some rest.

*Cross Country sunday morning at Devo camp saw the team prepare oatmeal, pasta, and granola, parents and coaches helping at as they get organized and head down the gravel road, 1 long mile to the cross country start, where coaches Chad Cheeney and Sarah Tescher were their to get the athletes warmed up and prepared for the sufferfest ahead. There is a large mud puddle 100m into the dirt road start, hidden around a corner and it was advise to line up right on the start line to avoid the dodgy chaos.

*The Junior Under 14’s and the Category 3 racers started at 8am. Chris Blevins was the first one in and took first place with teammate Charlie Greenberg finishing behind him in 3rd only 2 minutes behind. Keenan Desplanques was 8th, Derek Pansze, the week of getting hit by a car was 12th, 13th was Chase Seivert from Bayfield in his first race with DEVO. George McQunn took 15th on his new bike from Secon Avenue Sports, the U14,19 teams local shop sponsor, and Dylan Williamson, a Junior Devo rider place 16th of 19 racers on his singlespeed. Avra Saslow won for the girls under 14 with teammate Martina Pansze coming in 6th. Cat 3 racer Henry Larson in his first Devo race placed 8th after the lead motorcycle took the leaders on a longer than planned loop that had the racers looking at twice the course distance.

The Cat 2 races see some drama as Haakon Sigerslid flats his front tire while in 2nd place, under a minute behind the leader, teammate Stephan Davoust passed him moments later and could only ride on by as there is nothing he could do. Stephan rode on to 4th place and Haakon stayed focus and rode in to 8th place. James Shahan rode in to 12th place. And again it was kaylee Blevins winning the race with teammate Emily Schaldach taking 2nd. Kaylee’s time on the course would have put her in 3rd in the Cat 1 girls race.

In the Cat 1 girls race, Alicia Rose Pastore took the win on her new bike from Specialized and her new team, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. She finished the race almost in tears from the pain from the day earliers’ crash in the time trial, that sent her over the bars into to the ground, and then followed it up with a bike to the back of the body and head. In the Cat 1 boys race, Gino Pastore, Sepp Kuss ad Elliott Saslow 2,3, and 6th, worked hard on the road section off the start line together, riding together in front until the first major climb. That is where the 2 “Utah boys” took off and split the group. Gino bounced in and out of 2nd place several times, once when the Utah junior took a wide corner and crashed hard and the other when a wrong turn derailed him for 5 minutes. Sepp Kuss had his best finish in the fast Cat 1 field and Elliott was 2 miles from home when he flatted, forcing him to crash hard in mid downhill corner. He then ran in the last mile, loosing a spot on the result sheet and finishing in 6th.

results and DEVORace Results Fruita


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DEVO Telegraph Time Trial Results

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*Telegraph was muddy so riders passed the turnoff for Telegraph and completed a meadow and finished at the road.

Telegraph Hill Climb 4-16-10

U14 Boys; Chase 21:20, Cole 21:33, Charlie M 21:40, Derek 18:49, Will 18:57, George 21:28, Henry 21:34, River 19:42, Shane 23:01, Keenan 17:32, Charlie G 17:18

U14 Girls; Sophia 21:23, India 20:20, Sabine 21:28

U19 Boys; Howard 11:48, Gino 13:06, Sepp 13:19, Elliott 14:04, Collin 14:31, Stephan dnf, Chris 14:47, Tucker 18:13, James 19:25

U19 Girls; Alicia 14:55

Coaches and Friends; Cameron 28:38, Coach Anne 18:26, Coach Chad 13:10, Sarah, Jess, Brendan

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Fruita is Up Next For DEVO

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The Durango DEVO U14 and U19 mens and women’s teams will be pushing off for Fruita, Colorado this weekend to attend the Rabbit Valley Rally. The race consists of a mountain bike time trial on saturday and a cross country on sunday. In attendance will be 15 DEVO athletes including 2009 National Cross Country Champion, Alicia Rose Pastore. 2009 mens 15-16 winner Howard Grotts will be taking a weekend of local road racing instead, attending the Squawker Classic. The work load is now set for Gino Pastore and Sepp Kuss as they take his spot in the pack. DEVO has athletes racing from Cat1 to Cat 3, with alumni and coaches and parents in the action as well. Currently DEVO has 5 alumni racing in the pro category, Tad Elliott, Ben Kraushaar, Joe Schneider, Chase Orrick, Evan Elliott for dh and Taylor Borucki for dh.

Check out the site for more information,

Sepp finishes the Time Trial

Sepp finishes the Time Trial

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DEVO Competes in Local Polo Tourney

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Devo U19 athletes Sepp Kuss, Gino Pastore, Elliott Saslow, Stephan Davoust and coach Haakon Sigerslid took part in the local Durango Polo Tourney this past weekend. It was the groups first grass polo bike tourney, and their experience in the sport comes from a handful of late summer Devo practice days. The team placed last in the experienced seven team field. Devo coaches Chad and Anne Cheeney took part as well as Evan Elliott and Taylor Borucki. Anne’s team won their 3rd tourney title and Chads Broncos team lost their first tourney game to date, in the finals, 5-3 to Fort Collins’ The Bellfrie Boys. It was a great weekend for bike polo.

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FLC Cycling is Looking for Helpers and Cheerers

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Hello Devo Jr families.  Next weekend is Fort Lewis Cycling Team’s big home race!  Devo has always helped volunteer and/or cheer for this race as all these college racers are our inspiration!  Please see the below schedule and, if you are in town,  plan on checking out the racing…or, if you really want to feel a part of the action, email Dave Hagen with your first/last name, phone #, email and what shift you are interested in.

6-9am – TTT Registration – 4
7-10am – TTT Course Marshals – 7
9-10am – TTT Breakdown – 4

8-11am – CRIT Setup – 4 (plus team after TTT)
10am-4pm – CRIT Registration – 2
10:30am-2:30pm – CRIT Course Marshals – 11
6-7pm – CRIT Breakdown – FLC TEAM

Sun. April 25
4-8am – Course Setup – 10
7-11am – RR Registration – 2
7:30am-12:30pm – RR Course Marshals – 22 (yes, that is correct – safe race)
3:30-5:30pm – RR Breakdown – FLC TEAM

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Ian Burnett Interview

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Ian Burnett is a local Durangoan entering his first year as a professional road cyclist for the new team, Bahati Foundation. Ian rode in the Parks and Rec Dirt Lovers Camps as a kid, rode with Miller Middle School, then was involved in the local Durango Cyclery development team as a junior, took part in the USA Cycling development camps up at FLC, coached for Dirt Lovers, raced for Fort Lewis College on the road and cross bike and has now made it to the big show. Ian has grown through Durango’s pre-DEVO youth cycling development offerings and is a good example of what hard work and determination can get you.

Ian is big in real life

Ian is big in real life

Q: First off, what was it like being introduced as a racer for the Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team in Los Angeles the other night? Can you describe the event? A: It’s was amazing! Such a fun night for a great cause in the Bahati Foundation. Before that night the team was so much talk and emails back and forth between management and the night really brought it to reality that I made it, this team is for real and were kick some butt this year. The event was held at club Nokia in dowjn town LA, and the night started out a social hour almost for us just to mingle with every one as they came in. Then we had the presentation that was a mix of digital media and live performances from Crenshaw High school were Rahsaan Bahati went to high school in Compton. There performances were so emotionally driven and power full; they had stepping, dancing and the high school band. During this performance we introduced the team as well as the team kit and the custom Bahati Foundation Super Six Cannondale.

Q: What led up to you getting signed to the team for the 2010 season? A: I had been riding hard all summer and had just closed out the season with a strong performance at Collegiate and Elite track nationals when my amazing coach rick Crawford started telling me that we was working on a great project and team and that he was going to do his best to make sure I was on his team for 2010 and next thing I know I am sending my resume to Rahsaan and getting a call from Raha Sports offering me a pro contract for 2010! It all happened so fast, then all I could do was ride my tale of and get ready for camp.

Q: You did some wind tunnel testing last week in Fort Collins, what was that like? Did you learn anything that blew your mind? A: Ya we went up to the Colorado Premier Training wind tunnel in Fort Collins and did some testing with Pierre Perron of Louis Garneau. They had some amazing new product that they need to test in the wind tunnel and they got some great results for their new product. We also took the weekend to run a mini camp with all of the team members that live in Colorado and Nathan O’Neal and Rahsaan Bahati who were in town for the testing. This was a great opportunity for all of use to ride together in a smaller group of us and get to know each other a bit rather than at camp were we are always busy and have 22 other people to get to know. It was also a blast to take Rahsaan out for a high altitude ride in the cold Rocky Mountains and show him what we ride in every day.

Q: What is your role on the team and what big races are you looking foreword to this season? A: I am a neo pro who is going to be working for all the GC riders in stage races as well as working for our sprinters in all of the NRC races this summer. I am looking forward to all the races this summer with the team but the one that I am looking forward to the most is Iron Horse because it will be my first race for the team and it my home town race! Also we are going to run a fundraiser for the Bahati Foundation on Iron Horse weekend so keep you eye out for details on that. Also I am really looking forward to both US Pro Nationals in Greenville SC and US Pro Crit Nationals in Glencoe, IL because they are the best of the best there and I think that we have a shot at winning both of them if we all ride well and work hard as team.

Q: What was it like racing for Durango Cyclery Junior Team back in the early 2000’s? Do you still ride or race with any of the old teammates? A: The Durango Cyclery team was really the starting place for me. I had been racing MTB for a little while but needed some support to move to the next level in my career and race the mountain states cups and Russell made it all possible! There are a couple people that I still ride with when ever I can including Andrew Wait and fellow Pro Tad Elliot, who both kill me on the MTB bike if I dare to try and ride with them.

Q: What is the best bit of training advice you have gotten from a coach? A: There are two major tips that I have gotten. You get stronger when you are recovering and that you need to keep an inventory of your stress and training. This will make sure that between the two you are not driving your self into the ground. Because if you have to much stress and training you will never recover because you are just using to much energy.

Q: Do you have any tips for the juniors out there looking to make a career of road cycling? A: I think that if you are looking for a career in road cycling you need to try get as much expanse as possible and weather its thru Tuesday night worlds, weekend ride or racing experience is such a huge part of road racing. Its little things like knowing when to stay at the front and having the confidence to do so. I remember going to Tuesday Worlds when I was 15 and 16 and just getting dropped in the first 15 to 30 minutes of a ride week after week just because I did not have the experience and convince to ride near the front and jump on to wheels. I remember think that I would never be able to hang on for a whole ride, but know sitting in for a whole ride is nothing. It’s all about just riding hard and learning from your mistakes.

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TSTC Air Photos

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TSTC Photos

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