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AOA/DEVO STXC #8 Results

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Animas Orthopedic Associates/DEVO SHort Track Series

#8 at Durango Mountain Resort


B Men; 1. Levi Kurlander, 2. Chris Blevins, 3. John Trousdale, 4. John Kramer, 5. Devin Feilen, 6. Fabio When, 7. Max Cronyon, 8. Logan Boyd, 9. Marcos Esparza, 10. Paizzo Sizua, 11. Donovan Caputa, 12. Rich Larson, 13. Sven Brunso, 14. Nathin Franklin, 15. James Shahan, 16. Henry Larson, 17. Matt Pechard, 18. Jay Eagen

B women; 1. Kaylee Blevins, 2. Lizzy Caputa

Kids Race; Tilden and Aiden

A Women; 1. Teal Stetson-Lee, DNF Annie Cheeney

A Men; 1. Matt Shriver, 2. Tad Elliott, 3. Trevor Downing, 4. Nick Gould, 5. Greg Lewis, 6. Shiloh Mielke, 7. Chad Cheeney, 8. Lars Ellefson, 9. Miles Venzara, 10. Alex Howard, 11. Marc Smelser, 12. Robert Jones

past results

thanks to all who helped tear down the course quicklike before the sky unleashed the rain

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AOA/DEVO Short Track at DMR Tomorrow

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AOA Short Track #8 is at Durango Mountain Resort this wednesday. The times are the same and the cost is now only $5. Please check our Tweet zone leading up to the event in case of bad weather. Most likely it will be just fine. See ya then.

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Trails 2000 and Leadville 100

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This is the LAST WEEK to register to win entries to the Leadville Trail 100: As Tweeted by Lance Armstrong
FRS and two Colorado Trails Advocacy Groups Announce TWO Entries to Sold Out Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Event
DURANGO, Colo. – Two entries for the sold-old Leadville 100 mountain bike trail race have been made available by Ken Chlouber, Leadville 100 director to benefit advocacy groups Gunnison Trails, led by Dave Wiens, winner of the Leadville 100 and Trails 2000 led by Mary Monroe, wife of Trek racer and Olympian (’00 Sydney) Travis Brown. The opportunity to register opens on Friday, July 9, 2010 at In addition to the opportunity to participate in the sold out race, the winners will also attend a private coffee with Dave and Travis on Sunday morning to recap the race day. Interested parties will need to go to, register on the homepage and a donation to the advocacy groups is encouraged. 100% of the donations will be split 50/50 between Gunnison Trails and Trails 2000 of Durango.

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Lift 8 Hill Climb/ HB Super D Results y Photos

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Results sheet hill Climb Super D (2)

photos by Jim Feilen and Coach Chad

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National Champs Photos by Coach Chad

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AliciaRose Pastore STXC National Champion

AliciaRose Pastore STXC National Champion

Howard Grotts STXC National Champion

Howard Grotts STXC National Champion

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Photos by Jim Feilen

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Fall Devo Jr Now OPEN!

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Its crazy that is almost August. Its even crazier that that means that JrDEVO is just around the corner. We have done a touch of reshuffling to accommodate the soccer schedules.Get ready for some sweet fall riding ad sign up early.

Registration will start for Fall Devo Jr. Aug 1st.  Go to


  • 24″ co-ed (3rd-5th grade)- Tuesdays 8/30-10/22 – Time 4-6 pm
  • 24/26 Adv. Co-ed (4th-6th grade)- Wednesdays 8/30-10/22- Time 4-6
  • All-Girls beginner/int. – Wednesdays (2nd-4th grade) 8/30-10/22 – Time – 4-6 pm
  • All-Girls Adv.(4th-6th grade) – Mondays 8/30-10/22 – Time – 4-6 pm
  • Kindergarten Mondays 4-5:30 8/30-10/22
  • 1st Grade Mondays 4-6pm 8/30-10/22
  • 20 wheel (2nd-3rd grade)Tuesdays 4-6 pm 8/30-10/22
    Yes, we will teach the young riders to Wheelie like HB

    Yes, we will teach the young riders to Wheelie like HB

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    AOA/DEVO STXC #7 Results

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    Animas Orthopedic Associates/DEVO Short Track Series #7

    Durango BMX  7.21.10

    B Men; 1. Chris Blevins, 2. Stephan Davoust, 3. Levi Kurlander, 4. Keeenan Desplanques, 5. Jeff Vierling, 6. Devin Feilen

    B Women; 1. Sarah Tescher, 2. Kaylee Blevins, 3. Emily Schaldach

    B Holeshot; Chris Blevins

    Kids Race; Tildern, Dylan, Nicoles, Aidan, Austin, Devin

    A Women; Krista Park

    A Men; 1. Matt Shriver, 2. Colton Anderson, 3. Trevor Downing, 4. Lars Ellefson, 5. Howard Grotts, 6. Chad Cheeney, 7. Sepp Kuss, 8. Miles Venzara, 9. Dylan Stucki, 10. Joe Schneider, 11. Mark, 12. Gerg Lewis, 13. Alex Howard, dnf Joe Burtoni

    A Holeshot; Lars Ellefson

    past results

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    DEVO’s Results From Nationals

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    National Championships at Sol Vista
    DEVO Results from the weekend

    Kaylee Blevins: 1st Cat 2 15-18 junior XC
    Steven Davoust : 4th Cat 2 junior XC
    Levi Kurlander: 7th Cat 2 junior xc
    Collin Francom: 8th Cat 2 junior XC
    Haakon Sigurslid: 13th Cat 2 junior
    Hank Stowers: 40th Cat 2 junior
    Alicia Rose Pastore: 1st Cat 1 junior
    Joan Walker (Get Out): 12th Cat 1 junior

    Gino Pastore: 3rd Cat 1 Junior 15-16 XC
    Sepp Kuss: 7th Cat 1 Junior 15-16 XC

    Howard Grotts: 2nd Cat 1 Junior 17-18 XC
    Elliott Saslow: 30th Cat 1 Junior 17-18 XC

    Christopher Blevins: 1st Junior men 11-12
    Charlie Greenberg: 20th Junior 13-14
    Keenan Desplanques: 32nd Junior 13-14
    Avra Saslow (Get Out): 2nd junior 13-14
    Elysse Masson (Get Out): 7th Super D
    Kaila Hart (Get Out): 3rd U23

    Tad Elliott (devo graduate): 1st U23 XC
    Joe Schnieder (Devo coach): 14th U23 XC
    Greg Carpenter (Devo coach): 17th U23 XC
    Sarah Tescher (Devo coach): 1st Single Speed
    Jess Reed (Devo coach): 2nd Single speed
    Annie Cheeney (Devo coach): 6th Cat 1 XC

    Alicia Rose Pastore: 1st short track
    Elke Brutsaert: 4th Super D
    Chad Cheeney: 9th Super D
    Gine Pastore: 7th Super D
    Sepp Kuss: 9th Super D
    Howard Grotts: 1st Short Track
    Christopher Blevins: 1st Short track
    Kaylee Blevins: 1st Super D
    Hank Stowers: 25th Super D
    Tad Elliott: 1st Pro men
    Keenan Desplanques: 36th Super D

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