A Cycling Celebration Invite from Mountain Bike Specialists

A Cycling Celebration Invite from Mountain Bike Specialists

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Dear Friends,

Durango’s cycling community has some new World Champions, National Champions, and State Champions.  I hope you can join us to celebrate their successes.  Several individuals as well as the FLC College team, the Sweet Elite team and the High School Teams have successes worthy of a party.  MBS, Steamworks, Bread and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory invite you recognize your friends on October 30th at MBS from 5:30p.m. to 7:30p.m.


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U14 Girls Go Camping With Bikes!

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Explorer trip pictures!

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FLC Skyhawks Announce Nats Team, 3 Sweet Elite/Devo’s Named

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The Fort Lewis College Cycling Team has chosen the team that will represent the Skyhawks at the upcoming 2013 USA Cycling Collegiate Mountain Bike Nationals in Beech Mtn., NC on Oct. 25-27.  The team will be seeking it’s 9th consecutive Collegiate MTB title and 18th overall. These are some of the toughest decisions that the coaches (Chad Cheeney, Elke Brutsaert, Justin Biser and Lucas LeMaire) ever have to make simply because there are so many talented riders to choose from.
Last weekend in Grand Junction at Colorado Mesa Universities home meet he Skyhawks won the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cycling Conference (RMCCC) team overall title and had many individual podiums in the series overall rankings. FLC Cycling won the title over strong teams from the University of Colorado, Colorado State University and the University of Wyoming. Having such good competition in the RMCCC is great preparation for the National competitions against not only top teams for the RMCCC but teams from perennial national powerhouses Marian University,  host Lees McRae College and Lindsay Wilson College.
At Nationals FLC will compete in Gravity events –  Downhill (DH) and Dual Slalom (DS) and Endurance events, Cross Country (XC) and Short Track XC (ST). Team Relay (TR) is a new, fun event this year that does not count in overall points. Each Collegaite team is allowed to bring 8 riders of each gender to compete in these events and it usually boils down to 4 riders per gender per discipline. Some riders are very adept at both Gravity and Endurance and will be competing in both disciplines in search of an Individual Omnium (IO) title. The Skyhawks have two returning National Champions competing at Beech, Lauren Catlin (XC, ST) and Brittany Clawson (DH).
There are a few ways to keep up with the team before and during the competitions. The teams blog site will have daily pictures and updates at http://cycling.fortlewis.edu, on Facebook by liking http://www.facebook.com/FLCCyclingTeam or following on Twitter @FLCCYCLING. Official results and stories can be found on http://usacycling.org.
Brittany Clawson – DH, DS, ST, XC, IO
Becky Gardener – DH, DS
Meghan Kane – DH, DS, ST, IO
Leila Carrillo – DH, DS
Adam Digby – DH, DS
Zach Graveson – DH, DS
Phil Cowan – DH, DS
Brian White – DH, DS
Lauren Catlin – XC, ST
Sofia Gomez Villafane – XC, ST, DH, DS, IO
Liz Schwab – XC, ST
Sage Kitson – XC, ST, DH, DS, IO
Payson McElveen – XC, ST
Stephan Davoust – XC, ST
Garrett Lundberg – XC, ST
Michael Sampson – XC, ST, DH, DS, IO
Please wish the team luck on their travels and performances.


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DHS wins Colorado High School League race #3

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Team stops on 7 hour drive to check out the colors

Team stops on 7 hour drive to check out the colors

Durango came out on top this past weekend in Elbert, Colorado at race #3 as part of the Colorado High School League race series.  This win puts them in 2nd place overall to Grand Valley in Division II with Animas High sitting in 4th in Division II.  Over 580 racers and 40 high school teams showed up to race 40 miles NorthEast of Colorado Spring in a spot called ‘Peaceful Valley.’  The day started out with 30 degrees and ice on the tents, but the sun came out for the varsity and JV boys start on the 6.6 mile  course completing 4 laps for varsity and 3 for JV.  Christopher Blevins, in his first HS race of the year, finished 4th while teammates Will Berger, Charlie Greenberg, and Bryce Gordon all finished in the top 15.  Greenberg was on a rented bike and Bryce had to borrow a coaches’ bike just minutes before his start due to a broken chain.  “Elbert is one of those races that is key to the overall as it is a long drive, very little climbing and very little technical riding…ie: it does not favor our racers,” said team director Sarah Tescher, “Yet, they did exactly what they knew they had to do which was ride hard and finish strong no matter the obstacle be it mechanical, crash or otherwise.”   Animas High JV riders Keenan Desplanques and Quinn Haughey were out on course at the same time and Keenan pulled ahead of the 1st place rider to take the win within the last couple miles of the race.  “These varsity/jv riders have yet to see the end of their race due to weather that causes race organizers to cut their races short.  It was so great to see what Keenan could do when given the chance to race a full race.  Seeing him come in first was well deserved on his part and he fought for it!” said Tescher.

Next up were the Freshmen boys of AHS and DHS.  Lukas Robbins held onto his 3rd place and finished strong after riding 2 laps on the 5.3 mile course.  Keiran Eagen of AHS was in the lead of his race when a crash set him back to 2nd where he finished.  He maintains the Leader jersey.  “It was crazy to see that wave have 5 AHS riders in the hole shot.  They were like a train of black and green Osperys heading out on course,” said Tescher.  Perrin Kileen rode with the top 5 until the very end and finished 7th with teammate Dylan Williamson coming in alongside George McQuinn and Andrew Middleton who took 9th,10th and 11th.  “I had bonked out there and George came up from behind me and said, “Come on Dylan, let’s go!,”  said Williamson after the race.  All 5 AHS riders are in the top 10 overall.  Jimmy Pope came in minutes later and teammates Geoffery Steiner finished his race in 1:12.  All the freshmen finishes helped to push the teams up in the overall.

Last up were the female racers.  For her 2013 debut, Kaylee Blevins came to represent the Demons and worked with Durango and Animas High rider India Waller.  “They rode off the front of the field together and worked with each other to make sure to maintain a gap which was some smart racing,” said Tescher.  The two came in way ahead of the rest of the field and treated spectators to a sprint finish.  Waller took first with Blevins in 2nd.  Teammates Robin Austin and Sierra Trout toughed out the long course and finished strong with Austin sitting in 6th overall for the league.  Next up were DHS/AHS duo Katja Freeburn and Camryn Sippy whose finishes in the last race would have placed them in 2/3 for varsity.  Freeburn led the race off the gate and Sippy soon jumped on her wheel.  “I told them to work together to break away from the field and to chase the Vail rider and that is exactly what they did,” said Tescher.  Sippy suffered a mechanical and had to stop twice to fix her front wheel.  Freeburn finished 2nd and Sippy 3rd to maintain their overall 1/2 placement in the overall with Sippy in the Leader’s jersey heading to State Championships in two weeks.  “But the final race of the day was probably the most exciting!” said Tescher.  Ellen Campbell was tangled up in a crash at the start of the Sophomore girls’ field which caused her to leave the start gate in the back of the field.  She spent all of her two laps passing girls and working her way back up to the front of the group with a bloody knee from the crash.  “Next race, I’m going to sharpen my elbows,” said Campbell upon coming in 3rd after a heroic race spent making up time.  She is now in 3rd overall.

“This past race was really the toughest for us, yet the most important.  I knew we would be at a bit of a disadvantage due to our long travel distance, very cold camping, and a course that is better suited for road riders than the hardy Durango bunch who like single track.  But, we focused on the positive and got the job done,” said Tescher.  The team arrived back in Durango around midnight and practices today right after school.  The next and final race is the State Championship in Eagle, Colorado.  AHS is in 4th overall just 80 points behind Fairview High school in Division I and DHS is in 2nd just 113 points behind Grand Valley in Division II.  “The next race is going to be glorious and nail-biting at the same time.  We need some of our riders to move up just 1 or 2 spots in their finishes and we will have both teams on the podium with DHS riding for the win.  It will take the whole team to make it happen.  But if any group of athletes can get it done, it would be this crew,” said Tescher who will be working alongside head coach Garrett Alexander at the next race to ensure that all racers are ready to ride and ride hard.

Full Results:  http://my2.raceresult.com/details/results.php?lang=en&page=6&eventid=19920&contest=0&name=Result%20Lists%7CIndividual%20Results&format=view




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Cycling Shoes!!

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Devo just dropped off all their donated shoes to the Durango Cyclery for all Devo families and friends!  $1/pair or whatever change/donation you have in your pocket for Devo 🙂


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Devo Jr/ FLC Cycling team Relay Race Wednesday at 4 pm

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flc image


What:  FLC Cycling Team’s fun relay race with Devo Jr:  FLC riders will be matched up with Devo Jr kids to create a team to ride on a short (1 mile) course up at the Factory Trails.
When: 4 pm up at the Factory Trails (behind the Bader Sheridan dorms on the south end of campus) PARK at big Football Field lot on the far north end parking or you will be ticketed by FLC Police (Or pick up a $1 parking pass at kiosks half way up the front hill, 8th ave and near the new soccer fields, after the round about)
How:  We will help match each rider with an FLC rider at registration/ event is FREE
** This is a causal,fun event for Devo kids to meet and ride with the 22 time National Champion FLC Cycling team!
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Sweet Elite’r Payson’s Race Report from China

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The morning started great. I finally slept in to a reasonable hour, and for the first time had a decent bowel movement. The result was I was starving for breakfast, and I was pretty underweight. I think the fact that I was pretty blocked up to this point sort of shut down my appetite, and I was a bit behind on calories. It wasn’t due to a weird food thing, just time change. Anyway, I ate and ate at breakfast, but just didn’t seem to be getting full. In hindsight it was a bit of a mistake.

The gun went off and I was able to move up well on the opening climb. I had a strong first two laps, passing racers on both the climbs and the descents. I could feel how much my bike handling has improved, and was able to ride all of the A-lines. A couple of the course designers (same guys that designed and run the Fort William DH World Cup) were standing at the dicey transfer jump that only a few folks were hitting, and cheered big time when I would come through and take it. The mid-day heat was very, very impressive, and I did my best to stay conservative and not go into the red too early. Mom called out that I was 27th after 1.5 laps, and I was still steadily moving up towards a top 15 goal (UCI points). Unfortunately near the end of the lap I started to feel that huge breakfast begin to come back to back up. Pretty soon I had that nasty bile-feeling sitting high in my throat, and the need to throw up was starting to be overwhelming. The sweltering heat made things no better. I pulled off the course after 3 laps and headed straight for the bathroom.
It was heart-breaking to watch the remainder of the race from the sidelines, and see the riders I’d be riding near move solidly into the top 20s. Although right now the race feels like a lost opportunity for a very silly reason, this trip in general has been the chance of a lifetime. I’ve gotten to see a very different part of the world, meet new people, and make new friends. It’s an experience I won’t soon forget.
Following the race, I went for a couple more laps of the course to help clear my head. I’ve said this about quite a few tracks this year, but this one is one of my favorites. Nice short power climbs, and that tell-tale World Cup style descending that makes you just a bit scared each lap. For one of my post race laps I was joined by the lone representative from Georgia (the one between Turkey and Russia, not southern U.S. to all you non-Geography types!) We talked training, dreams for the future, and cultural differences…  and realized we had much in common. It was just one of the innumerable encounters from the week that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.
Tomorrow afternoon I start the long two-day trip back to Durango, and look forward to refocussing on some collegiate mountain bike racing. If this event happens again next year and I get the opportunity to attend, I will certainly jump on it. Thank you China for your hospitality!
P.S. official result from the short track was 34th. We had 85 starters.
Payson was invited by the UCI to represent the USA and the Chinese government gave him a 5 star hotel, airfare and Candy, in the picture, a personal aid 24/7!

Payson was invited by the UCI to represent the USA and the Chinese government gave him a 5 star hotel, airfare and Candy, in the picture, a personal aid 24/7!


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