RMCF Sweet Elite Adds Sage Wilderman to the Roster

RMCF Sweet Elite Adds Sage Wilderman to the Roster

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Sage on her way to the 2010 Collegiate STXC National Championship Victory

Sage on her way to the 2010 Collegiate STXC National Championship Victory

The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory/DEVO Sweet Elite Team has just added another super young athlete to the team, Sage Wilderman, multiple time Collegiate MTB Champion and defending 2010 U-23 Womans National Champion. Her addition to the squad marks the team as one of a handful of legit teams to support an equal number of male to female riders. She will be joined by Alica Rose Pastore of Devo action, Teal Stetson-Lee of 2010 cx season fame, Tad Elliott, alumni, with his numerous big race wins on the skis and bikes, Howard Grotts of Devo, junior Natty Champs and Collegiate titleage, and top secret rider Colton Anderson.

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The 4th Annual Tour de Ski This Saturday

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This very Saturday, January 22 is the 4th annual Tour de Ski nordic skate ski race and tour at Durango Mountain Resort. Enjoy this Once-A-Year opportunity to ski the beautiful Hermosa Valley! The weather looks fantastic (right now the forecast is for sunny and 39º) and the course is set up perfectly thanks to Bob Rule and San Juan Ski Company. For more information, visit www.tourdeski.org. Bib pick-up is this Friday at Pine Needle Mountaineering.

If you are not racing and would like to suppor the event–a fundraiser for Trails 2000 and Durango Nordic–we still need volunteers.

The VOLUNTEER MEETING will be held on Monday, January 17th from 5:30 to 6:30 pm in the Eolus Room of the Durango Rec Center or email Jeanne Pastore for more information at Pastore@Orionzone.net.

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Miguel Ramos Interview

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Miguel riding down mountains in Alaska

Miguel riding down mountains in Alaska

Last month local cycling Coach Rick Crawford recruited a group of local athletes to help guide a winter training camp for the Boulder, Colorado based Garmin-Chipolte U23 road team in the La Plata mountains that surround town. Miguel Ramos is an FLC Cycling Team Alumni and was asked to head up the group, due to his mountain skills from growing up in Alaska and his super passion for all things bike.

Q: How did you get involved in the Training Camp?
A: Well Crawford; being my coach from the FLC days, gave me a call wounding if I wanted to use my Alaskan winter skills and help with the camping trip.

Q: How many kids took part? What ages and where from?
A: There were a total of 9 kids from the U-23 Garmin team. Their ages ranged from 18 to 22…I believe.

Q: What was your role during the hike? And around camp?
A: My job was to do little as possible; allowing the team to work with each other, until situations or problems arose. While we were hiking I was the sweeper, making sure that if kids stopped to go to the bathroom or whatever were accounted for. I also would constantly scan the area for potential avalanche areas and potential danger. We didn’t worry much about the avalanches because there was really not that much snow, which was good! Around camp I made sure that kids were eating and drinking water while they were waiting for their damp and wet clothes to dry by the fire, that I was in charge of making.

Q: How did the group deal with setback in the beginning as compared to the end of the trip?
A: As time progressed and mistakes like not having enough water were made, or hot spots developing in their shoes. The Kids learned and made sure to not make the same mistake twice. Another example was the first morning when kids took their time breaking down camp, and as a result, we were not able to get to our proposed destination that day. Lessons were learned and the next morning we were off and out hiking at a reasonable time.

Q: What were some of the successes of the group? Both small and large.
A: Everyone helped each other out and took an initiative to help break and pack the snow. It may seem like a small task, but after hours of hiking with a 50lb pack, that snow gets harder and harder to pack. No one complained, but emotions were on peoples faces and everyone pushed on. That I would say is a big success because the kids knew that in order to make it from point A to B, some suffering will had to be endured.

Q: What was the funniest moment?
A: When the three people on skis kept crashing. (myself, Andrew, and Sage)

Q: What did you learn from this experience about developmental cyclists?
A: I learned that it takes a lot of sacrafice for kids like the ones on the U-23 Garmin team to get where they are at. Many of these kids have never camped, or hiked, or even seen snow(Freddie Cruz). I have been fortunate enough to experience all those activities and a plethora of others, but If I were to have devoted my youth to cycling it may not have been the case. Life changing adventures would have been missed, and memories missed. In the end its one’s choice and decision to make such sacrifices for ones passion and desire. No matter what one chooses, its an experience to be made in either path. I am grateful that I chose the path I did. Granite I could be a way better cyclist right now and MAYBE be Pro, but the path I chose better prepared me for life. Now that I have some grasp on life, an open mind, and well rounded life (at least what I perceive as well rounded). I feel that I can now pursue what I have always wanted to pursue, while using my life adventures, experiences, and focusing them towards my passion of cycling. My goal of becoming a better, faster, stronger,and wiser rider/person from all my everyday experiences……always learning.

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Russ’s Winter Ride Report #4

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The lowe gate on junction creek rd is closed, but it has been plowed up to log chutes. The lower section is packed snow or frozen mud (if you start early). After log chutes the snow mobiles have put down a solid base. If you don't have a "fat bike" put your atb tires down to 20 psi and get an early start. You'll be able to ride for miles and miles. Start early!

The lowe gate on junction creek rd is closed, but it has been plowed up to log chutes. The lower section is packed snow or frozen mud (if you start early). After log chutes the snow mobiles have put down a solid base. If you don't have a "fat bike" put your atb tires down to 20 psi and get an early start. You'll be able to ride for miles and miles. Start early!

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Merry New Year!

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We at Durango DEVO are super pumped for the 2011 season. The board has been working hard already on several new program offerings for the non-race side of DEVO, new email and calender updates to streamline our communication, the new Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Sweet Elite Team will make its debut in February, a photo library on Smugbug so that families can get all the photo action easily and so much more. Have a nice winter and get ready for another rad year of DEVO!

2011 Colorado MTB Race Schedule

The 2011 MSC Schedule is 98% completed. the only real question is Telluride. Chalk Creek is out for this year possibly back in 2012. So here is what it looks like:

April 8, 9, 10 – Cheyenne Mt, Stage race Colorado springs (endurance only)
April 29, 30 May 1 – Rabbit Valley Rally – Fruita CO ( endurance only)
May 20, 21 22 – Salida “S” mountain stage race (endurance only)
June 3, 4, 5 – Chili Challenge Angel Fire New Mexico DH, 4X, SD, XC, STXC, SD
June 24, 25, 26 – Wild Flower Rush Crested Butte 4X, DH, SD, XC ( Also a pro GRT)
July 8, 9, 10 – Full Tilt in Telluride ( This one is only about a 50/50 chance of happening)
July – 22, 23, 24 Keystone Classic – XC, STXC, DH, SD and possibly 4X
August 5, 6, 7- Blast the Mass XC, SD, STXC, (2 DH)
September 2, 3, 4, 5 – Sol Survivor XC, STXC, SD, DH, 4X

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Fat Bike Biathlon a Sucsess

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The Pugz and Guns, a Fat Bike Biathlon.

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DEVO Coaches at Cross Nats with the FLC Cycling Team

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Cycling Movie on Sunday

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Dave Wiens to be in Durango This Sunday:
Six time champion of the Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race, Dave Wiens will be in Durango for the local premier of Race Across the Sky: 2010.

Durango hosted the 2009 version where Lance Armstrong raced but is now premiering the new, 2010 story.
Race Across the Sky: 2010 stars Durango locals; Ned Overend, Todd Wells and Matt Shriver. Travis Brown had a broken arm but stars in the film as an interviewer and on air voiceover.
What: Race Across the Sky 2010
:December 19th at 5:30pm at the
Where: Smiley Auditorium in Durango.
Come bid Matt Shriver farewell as he departs Fort Lewis Cycling and moves to Wisconsin to work for Trek Bicycles.

Tickets are on sale at  Maria’s bookshop and all proceeds benefit Trails 2000 and the Fort Lewis Cycling Team. Tickets are $12 and are general admission and must be brought to the movie for admission.

The movie will begin promptly at 5:30 at the Smiley Auditorium, burritos will be available from Zia Taqueria at 5pm.

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Musclecross Was Fun

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photos by John Baxter
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Animas High Ospreys Team up with Durango Cyclery to put on Muscle Cross

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Muscle CrossThis Sunday the 5th, come down to Buckley Park and witness the fun of Cyclocross. As part of their class project, the Animas High Mountain Bike Class will be putting on the event along with Russ Zimmerman from the Durango Cyclery. The students have been working on the event for the past month with help from teachers Sarah Tescher and Chad Cheeney, local Durango Devo coaches. This is the final event in the line-up for the 2010 Fort Lewis Cycling Cyclocross series. There will be no FLCCX series points awarded at this race as the series ends on Saturday at the race up on the FLC campus. Muscle Cross is a fun race to celebrate the fun cross season, with a shorter course and some pretty silly sections, this final race will leave the racers smiling. Racing begins at 9am with the 5 lap Open MTB Category, open to anyone on a MTB. 9:30am will see the Free Kids Race take off, open to all kids 12 and under. No kid is too young as we will have helpers out on course to assist them in the obstacle sections. The Star Spangled Banner will start the 30 minute B Mens race at 10am to be followed by the 30 minute A Women’s race at 10:45 and the 40 minute A Men at 11:45. There will be no age group racing. Prizes and Medals for the MTB, Kids and B racers and cash money to the top 3 A Men and Women. Cost is Free for the Kids race, $10 for the MTB class, and $15 for all others. Live race announcing, teenage DJ, Hot Chocolate, Chiminea for warmth and plenty of oohs and ahhs! Come down to Buckley Coliseum this Sunday morning and have fun with the Animas High Ospreys!

The AHS Ospreys taking the barriers out to pasture

The AHS Ospreys taking the barriers out to pasture

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